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Links for 7.29.09: Music mags, rock auctions, Coen films…

*Oft-linked: Slate asks why music magazines are dying. I ask why they are living. (See what I did there?) More on the matter of music magazines from Vulture. You will note that despite being 34 years old and writing a quasi-music blog, I have only once subscribed to a music magazine, and it was for my job.

*Film: The Walker will do a Coen Brothers retrospective in October. [mnspeak]

*Buy: The Rock and Roll Pop Art Auction. It is on. It is so on. (I don’t really know what that means.)

*Prose: Movieline is written very well. “Hey, do you like nudity and outlandish blood spurting? Haha, trick question, we all like those things.”

*Staycations: My colleague Abelardo (who runs LatinoLA) wrote about his musical staycation for the day job.

*Video: Everyone has linked to this, but it doesn’t mean William Shatner’s version of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech doesn’t deserve some respect.

*I will return. I swear it.

Video: Cory Arcangel’s YouTube cats playing Schoenberg

Drei Klavierstucke, op. 11-I. A classic.