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Month: July, 2009

Video: Black Francis does “Velouria” for the Current

Lemurs. What?


Video: The Girl at the Video Game Store

This video combines the obnoxiously delicious earworms of Parry Gripp, America’s finest musician with the geek SEO of G4’s Olivia Munn. I also recommend Cat Flushing a Toilet.

Links for 7.13.09: Long-term ganking, leaf clothes, Lady GaGa meets MGMT…

*Hate the players: On the streets, this is called BITING someone else’s game. Total gank move.

*Video: Watch a day’s worth of travel jammed into a one-minute YouTube video. It looks like yellow bugs crawling, which is to say, I highly recommend it. [eyeteeth]

*Fashion: How would you like a shirt that takes pictures? (Remind me never to wear this shirt inside-out.) “While the current version of these fabrics can only image nearby objects, it can still see much farther than most shirts can.” [harper’s]

*More fashion: If you want to wear leaves, wear them with style. On your head. And groin. [coudal]

*Fatness: I actually wrote about this last week for the day job: America, being fat.

*Doodles: The Poetry Foundation, who my wife sometimes writes for, does a review of the drawings of David Berman, formerly of the Silver Jews.

*Video: Weezer mashes up MGMT and Lady GaGa. This blog link was auto-generated based on an algorithm created by aggregating and parsing music blog text and links. [idolator]

*Copyright: Which pop musicians are stealing from which other pop musicians?

*Twitter: There are some new Twitter favorite trackers to compete with FavrdFavstar and Tweeteorites.

Links for 7.11.09: Bono, Bruno, Assholes, Robots and Doom

*Bono: Bono wants to rebrand Africa. Remember those pictures of him with those bikini girls? Good times.

*Email: Emails from an Asshole. I get these every day. But from different people. [harper’s]

*Robots: A robot rises over Tokyo. Let us all pray that this thing never truly comes alive. [daringfireball]

*The internet: According to Pew Internet data, we just passed the point where half the people in the U.S. go online every day. Relatively speaking, no one donates to charity or listens to podcasts. [waxy]

*Twitter: Rob Walker of the NYT thinks Twitter is all about play. There are a thousand different use cases for Twitter and this talks about just one of them. Is using Twitter as an ersatz RSS reader “play”? It isn’t – well, at least it isn’t if watching TV or reading the NYT online aren’t.

*Panic: Doomwatch analyses news sources to tell you what to worry about now. (Currently: Murder.) [presurfer]

*Movies: The New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane reviews Brüno: “Brüno” demonstrates, to one’s growing disappointment and dismay, is a vehemently gifted man putting his body to it and leaving his mind behind.” Previously: A near-review from The Awl.

*Money: It takes over $10k annually to run Neatorama?

*Economy: Noted Doomster Nouriel Roubini thinks the recession will last another six months and that the recovery will be slow and shallow. It once took me nearly three months to recover from a slight ankle sprain, apropos of very little. Related: Check out Damon Rich’s Panorama of foreclosures. [bits]

Video: Ken Nordine’s “My Baby”

Holy fuck-a-roni, where have you been all my life? A video of a spinning phonograph and Ken Nordine talking crazy word jazz shit (in this case, “My Baby”).

If this doesn’t soothe you, goodbye forever.

Video: Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” for the Current

Video: Phoenix’s “Playground Love” for the Current

Video: Blitzen Trapper’s “Black River Killer” – behind the scenes

There’s a cow-themed McDonald’s in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. FYI.

Links for 7.8.09: The limited engagement

*Disasters: The trailer of a movie with many. Also, a shit-ton of bongos. [@bozofish]

*Whoa: Spezify – Type a word, then see it, hear it, know it. [blackrimglasses]

*Computers: Fake Steve Jobs is back, and he’s talking about the Google OS. San Dimas High School Football rules. As you know.

*Bests: The best thing I’ve linked to over the past week or so. The Eternal Moonwalk.

*Weiners: Oscar Mayer died. He lived a long life and many people enjoyed his weiners. Which is to say hot dogs. Ugh.

*Drink: Production of Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” beer begins today. Guaranteed to taste like sweat. And motor oil. And maybe hep C.

*Literature: Things I Have Written in Cover Letters. Not me. The author. I’m not looking for a job. (Call me!) [coudal]

*Meta: Tests use virtual reality to examine questions of race and bias. This is serious stuff, so let’s all stay serious for a second here. [murketing]

*Music: Buzzfeed identifies Crabcore, a genre of music “characterized by the guitar player’s “crabwalk,” an extremely low stance, wherein both feet are set apart from one another as far as possible in a very deep squat.”

*Ahem: I’m keeping up the Twitter linking, but also doing an occasional link round-up. I think.

Video: Wind Chime (After Dream)


Video: Crowdsourced video for Sour’s “Hibi no neiro”

[the daily swarm]

Video: Rap in thirty different languages

No Klingon. Which is weird.


Video: Trent Reznor before Nine Inch Nails

Old video, but love the hair. I used to have hair.