Links for 8.9.09: Vinyl sales, steam powers, examining fail, more…

*Vinyl: The list of the ten top-selling albums of 2008 on vinyl is topped by Radiohead. Then the Beatles. Neutral Milk Hotel at number six. OK, I’ve said enough.

*Listening: Can you find out about national well-being by crunching the numbers on songs and blogs and the like? [murketing]

*Inventions: The steam-powered internet machine runs on steam. And dreams. [neural]

*Words: The New York Times‘ On Language column takes on “fail.” In the internet sense. (I don’t care for fail, though my feelings on the matter are more nuanced than a simple off/on switch. OH SNAP.)

*Hardware: Examine, if you will, these Nano cases that look like cassettes. I have a cassette tape player in my car. FYI. Also, a cracked bumper. [buzzfeed]

*Cities: Listen to the sounds of London – Waterloo Station, Beneath the Thames, Bank of England and more. [city of sound]

*Old: HuffPo (and CNN) calls my attention to this two-year-old video of Winston the Water Fountain, a dude who can consume, then spit out crazy amounts of water. This is exactly as interesting as it sounds.