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Links for 8.10.09: Radiohead’s albums, twitter’s wit, Ebert’s lament, Pee-Wee’s return…

*Literature: Gawker gave “Twitter Wit,” the forthcoming book of tweets curated by @Nick, a D, but included a semi-amusing summation paragraph. (Note: Page 17 or 18 of said book might be worth a read… Just saying. Listen: Can you just take a hint?)

*Music: In a The Believer interview, Thom Yorke says Radiohead won’t release more albums. Who wants to make a bet that Radiohead “reimagines” the album some time in the future, and that it looks a lot like the current conception of an album? Also, who knows if it’s right or even ok to say “a ‘The Believer’ interview”? A the? [npr]

*Images: AgeMaps of people’s faces show them as both young and old. I am going to vomit! In a good way. But still. Vomit. Everywhere. [coudal]

*Buys: Facebook bought FriendFeed. What I think is interesting about this is that it moves Facebook beyond the reciprocal relationship to the potential for more robust (though still interactive) author/subscriber models. Yes, I’m being serious. (Oh, the price tag was $50M.)

*Innovation: An experimental hearing aid that’s ANCHORED IN BONE will have an AUDIO JACK for music. DUDE. [neatorama]

*Movies: If Ebert says we’re headed into a cinematic Dark Age, we’re heading into a cinematic Dark Age. “This dumbing-down seems more pronounced among younger Americans. It has nothing to do with higher educational or income levels. It proceeds from a lack of curiosity and, in many cases, a criminally useless system of primary and secondary education.” Now I feel like a real idiot for that whole “Twitter Wit” thing.

*Drug culture: The Pee-Wee Herman Show has come back as a live stage show. No masturbating. [laughing squid]

*Green: Watch the trailer for “No Impact Man.” [coudal]

*Worthy endeavors: Reconstructing Oscar Wilde’s library. [harper’s]

*Today’s links: F. Never forget.

Video: “Skinny Love” with Beard (Bon Iver)