Links for 8.15.09: Sloane’s rules, Les Paul, more Mad Men…

*Anecdotes: Mick Jagger goes shopping at a toy store. [harper’s]

*Advice: How to Be So Choice – By Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, Sloane. “Look badass in a jacket with fringe.” [boner party]

*Nerdly: Om Malik writes up a mega-post on the Evolution of Blogging.

*Advertising: Vanity Fair takes on “Mad Men.”

*Founding Fathers: Review Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. You’ll note that he omitted “take a cold-air bath” from it. [daring fireball]

*RIP: Les Paul died. “His childhood piano teacher wrote to his mother, ‘Your boy, Lester, will never learn music.'”

*Woodstock: “Wet, crowded and overhyped.” [bv]

*Barebones: Like back in the day.