Links for 8.26.09: Silvered nudes, Bacon Oakleys, Charles Baxter…

by Josh Kimball

*Communication: Woofer. It’s like twitter, but with a 1400 character lower limit. [buzzfeed]

*Social networking and youth: Should Twitter care if kids don’t like it? Ask Craig Ferguson.

*Fashion: Bacon Oakleys aren’t made out of real bacon.

*Mashup: Han Solo, P.I. [laughing squid]

*GPS: Bob Dylan might be telling you where to make your turns some day.

*Local: The Rumpus interviews author Charles Baxter. [harper’s]

*Imagery: I have two words for you: Silvered Nudes. [notcot]

*AA: Roger Ebert talks about Alcoholics Anonymous and 30 years of sobriety.

*Local: If the Uptown Bar closes, where will we get our pint glasses? Where, I ask you?

*Today: Sleek and straight.