Links for 8.27.09: Mythical creatures, KISScakes, Motel 6…

by Josh Kimball

*Brands: Motel 6 is offering free lodging to up-and-coming bands, in the tradition of Denny’s. Tradition? Denny’s? [ypulse]

*Mashups: What are mythical creatures made of? Ask a VENN diagram! Or a VENN-like diagram! [notcot]

*Points of view: Five years after it’s an interesting question, Paste asks if music ownership is irrelevant. This is the kind of essay the Daily Swarm should be publishing. But more timely. Snap. [earfarm]

*Quotations: “I’ve mostly been listening to dirty rap lately. That’s sort of my scene.” – Natalie Portman [huffpo]

*Animation: I have linked to pages of animated GIFs before. However, I shall never tire of it. Never. [buzzfeed]

*Photography: KISS cupcakes are pastries in Satan’s Service. Also known as PISS. But you got that. [spin]

*The Law: The Smoking Gun was the first to find an old John Mayer mugshot, shaming TMZ. Kidding. Shame. TMZ. Ha. Ugh.

*Important news: Greasing a bridge with butter. Hmmm. [eat me daily]

*Grade: F