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Month: August, 2009

Video: Sand animation – Kseniya Simonova


Links for 8.12.09: Pizza faces, brand Carles, Wii Spray, vandals, lobster and champagne…

*Games: Daniel Radosh writes about The Beatles – Rock Band for the New York Times. “We’re on the precipice of a culture shift around how the mass market experiences music.” Still?

*Images: World leaders’ faces depicted in pizza. The potential on this one is VERY HIGH. Especially if they start using barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce. [animal]

*Music: Pew Research looks at a declining generation gap, even when it comes to music.

*Branding: Hipster Runoff’s Carles helps you become more like Carles one $30 t-shirt at a time, bro. Or alt. Or whatever. [murketing]

*Profiles in courage: Red Squared Twitter savant Remiel offers a near-comprehensive fivepart guide to twitter profiles. Highly recommended. I, if you are interested, am probably a The Unexpected Imperative. Also, that’s the second post in a row in which I’ve used “a the.” Also, one possible addition to the list is: The Unclassifiable: “I don’t really fit into any one category… Im just me!” [SIC]

*Links: I have not seen the Virginia Quarterly Review’s generous Weekly Highlights link round-up before, but so far it is very good.

*Literacy: Silent Conversation tries to make reading into a game. Not like a Starfall thing, though. Like, with angry wizards. And broadswords. [waxy]

*Words: “The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.” However his politics turned out, Hitchens can/could turn a phrase. [via md]

*Happiness: One of thousands of stories about happiness and happiness monitoring to appear over the past several months, this brief post points out that Gallup’s Well-Being Poll is out. I’m thinking about starting a tumblr about happiness. It would be made up of about 80% Boner Party posts and 20% studies and redefinitions of happiness.

*Vandalism: WiiSpray attempts to put graffiti online (with video). [neural]

*Vandalism II: Moss Art. Fantastic. [eyeteeth]

*Local: The Heavy Table tells you why you should drink local beer. (It mostly seemed kind of obvious. But then again I am drunk right now. On life. And very strong booze.)

*Notes: Happy birthday, little bro.

Video: Eclectic Method’s “A John Hughes Production”

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Links for 8.10.09: Radiohead’s albums, twitter’s wit, Ebert’s lament, Pee-Wee’s return…

*Literature: Gawker gave “Twitter Wit,” the forthcoming book of tweets curated by @Nick, a D, but included a semi-amusing summation paragraph. (Note: Page 17 or 18 of said book might be worth a read… Just saying. Listen: Can you just take a hint?)

*Music: In a The Believer interview, Thom Yorke says Radiohead won’t release more albums. Who wants to make a bet that Radiohead “reimagines” the album some time in the future, and that it looks a lot like the current conception of an album? Also, who knows if it’s right or even ok to say “a ‘The Believer’ interview”? A the? [npr]

*Images: AgeMaps of people’s faces show them as both young and old. I am going to vomit! In a good way. But still. Vomit. Everywhere. [coudal]

*Buys: Facebook bought FriendFeed. What I think is interesting about this is that it moves Facebook beyond the reciprocal relationship to the potential for more robust (though still interactive) author/subscriber models. Yes, I’m being serious. (Oh, the price tag was $50M.)

*Innovation: An experimental hearing aid that’s ANCHORED IN BONE will have an AUDIO JACK for music. DUDE. [neatorama]

*Movies: If Ebert says we’re headed into a cinematic Dark Age, we’re heading into a cinematic Dark Age. “This dumbing-down seems more pronounced among younger Americans. It has nothing to do with higher educational or income levels. It proceeds from a lack of curiosity and, in many cases, a criminally useless system of primary and secondary education.” Now I feel like a real idiot for that whole “Twitter Wit” thing.

*Drug culture: The Pee-Wee Herman Show has come back as a live stage show. No masturbating. [laughing squid]

*Green: Watch the trailer for “No Impact Man.” [coudal]

*Worthy endeavors: Reconstructing Oscar Wilde’s library. [harper’s]

*Today’s links: F. Never forget.

Video: “Skinny Love” with Beard (Bon Iver)


Links for 8.9.09: Vinyl sales, steam powers, examining fail, more…

*Vinyl: The list of the ten top-selling albums of 2008 on vinyl is topped by Radiohead. Then the Beatles. Neutral Milk Hotel at number six. OK, I’ve said enough.

*Listening: Can you find out about national well-being by crunching the numbers on songs and blogs and the like? [murketing]

*Inventions: The steam-powered internet machine runs on steam. And dreams. [neural]

*Words: The New York Times‘ On Language column takes on “fail.” In the internet sense. (I don’t care for fail, though my feelings on the matter are more nuanced than a simple off/on switch. OH SNAP.)

*Hardware: Examine, if you will, these Nano cases that look like cassettes. I have a cassette tape player in my car. FYI. Also, a cracked bumper. [buzzfeed]

*Cities: Listen to the sounds of London – Waterloo Station, Beneath the Thames, Bank of England and more. [city of sound]

*Old: HuffPo (and CNN) calls my attention to this two-year-old video of Winston the Water Fountain, a dude who can consume, then spit out crazy amounts of water. This is exactly as interesting as it sounds.

Links for 8.8.09: Unemployment, Lolla, Lebowksi, Pynchon and Hughes

*Watch: Video clips of live sets at Lollapalooza. Well, if you time it right. How much of life is timing again? I knew the answer to that at the time I began writing this bullet. [shorties]

*Playlists: allows you to listen to the soundtracks of cities from around the world. Sadly, no Minneapolis. We peaked at Prince. Effers. [magnetbox]

*Twitter: When Twitter is down. [negatendo]

*Movies: John Hughes’ former teenage pen pal tells all.

*Surgery: Disney is performing vasectomies on elephants. Apropos of something. I just don’t know what. But I will. Someday. [harper’s]

*Architecture: David Byrne is doing his Playing the Building music/architecture mashup thing again, this time with a building in London.

*Unemployment: Economists react to the latest unemployment numbers. But what if they have unemployed economists react to them? You see where I’m going with this? Right? No. Then go away forever.

*Reading: The Virginia Quarterly Review (which for a lit rag has a surprisingly good online presence) compares Thomas Pynchon’s new novel, “Inherent Vice,” with “The Big Lebowski.”

Video: 4-bit style video for “No Escape!”

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Video: Ice-T repairs a MacBook


Video: Bat for Lashes – “Daniel” for the Current

Video: 1983 Minneapolis Hardcore

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