Links for 9.2.09: Urinal protocol, Three Moon book deal, manly albums…

by Josh Kimball

*Sociology: XKCD’s “Urinal Protocol Vulnerability” is a must-read for any man who cares about his private parts and uses urinals on a regular basis. [mefi]

*Reviews: I wrote a review of “Twitter Wit,” the book I have a couple lame quips in, on Amazon. In it, I reference waterproof socks. Did you find this link helpful?

*Gutenbait: The Three Wolf Moon shirt has a book deal? [urlesque]

*The Absence of Everything: I hate Slate with a passion I normally reserve for the likes of Bono and black mead. However, here they talk about the power of the musical pause: “Vermeer understood the power of withheld information. Composers have a similar understanding that in shaping sound, a nothing can be just as expressive as a something.” Go eff yourself, Slate! [earfarm]

*Albums: The list of the 10 Manliest Album Covers is topped by Manowar. Greasy. So greasy. [the daily swarm]

*Headline: I love the headline (not to mention the sentiment) of this Metalhammer post – “Metallica Are A Monkey Sedative.” I always suspected. Anyway, music can calm monkeys.

*Skin flutes: If you have always wondered how to make a frozen weiner skin flute, have I got a video for you! It’s a how-to video. Not some sick video. Sickos. [buzzfeed]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot liked lesbian fiction. But what did he think about lesbian FAN FICTION. Wait. Where am I going with this? Abort line of thought. [harper’s]

*Food: My friend and colleague Abelardo de la Pena, Jr. is in an upcoming episode of The Naked Chef’s TV show, “Jamie’s American Road Trip.” He’s in the second video (with a cameo by the ladies Beal).

*Grade: D-. Manly in flavor, weak in constitution. The links, effers. Gawd.