Links for 9.3.09: Let the wild rumpus BEGIN, for god’s sake

by Josh Kimball

*First and foremost: The climactic line from “Where the Wild Things Are” should not be “Let the wild rumpus start.”

Again, you do not LET things START, even if you are some kid. Even my 2-year-old little dude knows that if you’re letting, you are beginning. He’s two. This is obvious. You’re seven or eight? It’s not even a question. Don’t try to pawn this off on the ignorance of youth.

FurtherMORE, you can’t argue that “start” is “crisp,” and therefore makes the line sound better at the same time you argue that it’s something that a KID would say. They’re mutually exclusive arguments. Pick one. They’re both wrong. (This is not exactly a wild rumpus, but it’s the NYT‘s Spike Jonze profile.) Goodbye forever.

*Update: Watching a trailer, it appears that “start” is what’s in the movie. Thanks for riling me up for nothing. FURTHER UPDATE: In Eggers’ novelized version of the story, it is “begin.” AS IT SHOULD BE. Goodbye.

*Race relations: This article from Chicago magazine, “A Mugging on Lake Street,” will depress you. Fuck.

*Reading: The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy weighs in on David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” as a part of the reading project “Infinite Summer.” I always avoided the longer works of Wallace due to their length. And the do-rag, of course. [shorties]

*Local: Did you know we have hip-hop in St. Paul? It’s a fact. Well, kinda. Here’s Labratz talking Pig’s Eye geography. I take the 61 bus to work. For your information. [mnspeak]

*Twitter: The twitter user @ShitMyDadySays got a book deal. TWOOK. It is coined. If it wasn’t already. I can’t bring myself to look.

*Statuses: Read these four things.