Two local notes: Conrad and Scott Seekins

by Josh Kimball

Ignore this if you are not a Twin Citizen. (Related, though, is a topic that has tickled me [in a bad way] since I started nosing around our online culture – the strange, seemingly disproportional, geo-parochialism of Twin Cities bloggers. I’m repeatedly surprised about how many Minneabloggers’ conversations seem so strangely, strenuously local. It’s like we’re living in a physical world instead of a world of ideas or something. But I have digressed.)

OK, business. Via S4xton’s tumblr comes this post asking the world who the “mysterious” Conrad whose name is being celebrated on a silver First Avenue star (featured in the accompanying photo) is. I’m not sure what’s funniest about the post – the question itself, the “wonderful,” or the failed Wikipedia search. And I’m not just saying that because Conrad is uncle Con. The appropriately sheepish followup links to a couple of tumblr posts – or just see these.

Secondly, I saw Scott Seekins yesterday and dutifully recorded it on Seeking Seekins.