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Month: October, 2009

Links for 10.27.09: Chinese, cupcakes, beer, gourds

*Look: Chris Ware in the New Yorker. There are iPhones.

*Alert: Some Taco Bells serve cupcakes. I would like mine filled with hot sauce. Please. (That’s not a euphemism.) [harper’s]

*Green: Check out this vinyl that’s been bent, pounded, shaped and reused.

*The future: Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, says that in 5 years, the web will be dominated by Chinese-language content. Get this: I don’t even speak Chinese. Also, ICANN has approved non-Latin characters for domain names.

*Food: Anthony Bourdain is doing some animated web-only short video bullshit that isn’t even about food. Also, it looks like there could be zombies. Or their close brethren.

*Beer: I cannot agree with this list of the 25 best beers in America, but I can drink them. With vigor.

*Gaming: Watch this dude play Guitar Hero without a guitar. You will note that I sometimes also play Guitar Hero without a guitar, but that my score is always zero. Always. [waxy]

*Local: Guides to eating in Minneapolis from Zagat and Treehugger. [ht]

*Fall: It’s decorative gourd season. [spin city]

*Today’s links: F.

Video Grocery Store Musical

If these guys did this around me, I would not look around in confusion, but simply put my head down, walk fast, and keep walking until I was home behind locked doors or dead. That is not a judgement, but a simple statement of fact.

Video: One-man band

I wrote some super-crazy / stupid / entirely boring fiction piece about a one-man band once, but I can’t remember if it ever got published. I will go look it up now. Watch this:

[the presurfer]

Video: Pulp Fiction Audio Mix

Please don’t make me recommend this anymore than I already just did.


Video: Extreme accordion performance

Holy balls, is this real? Vivaldi via accordion.


Video: A phonograph playing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

I like the spinning.

Links for 10.19.09: Dude, Sarah Palin, Bono

*Language: Esquire’s “State of Modern Language for Men” has many points with which I disagree. Firstly, “dude” has not been retired. It has been made so ubiquitous that it’s utility is approaching infinity. Learn the difference, assholes.

*Consumption: The American List helps you buy American. I guess. [joshspear]

*Bono: Bono thinks it’s time to rebrand America. Even his attempts at striking a self-deprecating tone reek of smugness. And eelpout.

*Sport: Parahawking is skydiving with hawks. Sure, but I would like to see this done by a person wearing a suit made out of meat. [neatorama]

*Networking: Sarah Palin has a profile on LinkedIn. It doesn’t look like we’re that closely connected. [jimray]

*TV: I struggle to NOT link to The Mad Men Power Rankings on a weekly basis. And if you think THAT sounds like an internal battle, ask me about my love for getting really fat and talking about how bald I am.

*Today’s grade: Weak.

Video: No Bird Sing’s “Devil Trombones” stop-motion video

There’s a guy in his underwear in this.

Links for 10.19.09: Karen O, beef and consistent failure

*Games: How would you like to try to dress Karen O? I mean, online. It’s all above board, I assure you. I should also disclose that I’m singing “Maps” right now. The “maaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa-ps” part of it. [buzzfeed]

*Graphics: If you’ve been wondering which countries produce the most beef, you can look at this chart with crazy dots on it. [marginal revolution]

*Twitter: You should read these five things.

*Sexual theory: Regender answers the profoundly unasked question, What would this site look like if all the genders were reversed? Note, too, that the murkier in-between grounds of sexual identity are ignored completely. [mefi]

*Punctuation: I have always loved the interrobang. WHY!?, you ask. Hard to say. It was invented in 1962. But that’s not why I love it so much.

*Employment: Money magazine compiles some sort of list of the “50 best jobs in America.” Somehow, Senior Internal Auditor is only 41. Criminal?!

*Music: My colleague Hans wrote about how his 11-year-old daughter is making him like Taylor Swift for one of Slate’s blogs.

*Today’s grade: F.

Video: It’s sort of like a lazer light show thing.

It’s long. But watch.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Klingon cover of Eminem

I don’t know what “Klenginem – SuvwI’pu’ qan tu’lu’be” means.


Links for 10.15.09: Does anyone else think we should bomb the moon again?

*Photographs: Would you like to view some images of sausages that look like watermelons? I knew you would. [eatmedaily]

*Interviews: Vulture interviews John Mayer, who is a dick. Unfortunately, he is a very good dick. An amusing, though existentially disturbing conversation. “I’m going to forcefully sodomize your editor.”

*Essentials: Rap Exegesis offers an annotated version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.” Highly recommended.

*Television: Basket of Kisses offers crackpot theories of the popular television program. Oh, and/or The Atlantic regarding the same show. I have talked at the day job on a few occasions about the core concept behind the “mega-movie,” though without using that term. It seems like a good term. [lindsayismtumblr]

*Music: Is the Rezon really a new musical instrument, or is it just a ruse to expose my inattentive reading habits? [coudal]

*Media: McSweeney’s is putting out a newspaper, The San Francisco Panorama. Interestingly enough, The Believer was begging for money just to keep the doors open not too many months ago. They must have received it.

*Writing: Here’s a short story from @samhey, who is a subtly excellent twitterer.

*Words: I recommend that you read this glossary of literary terms. Don’t ask, read. I just learned about ubi sunt.

*Projects: I am currently entertaining the notion of doing a Kickstarter project that would fund another bombing of the moon. I think it would take maybe a billion dollars in pledges. Also, we would allow high bidders to write their names on the bomb.

*Today’s links: F

Video: Pomplamoose’s “Single Ladies

I first wrote about Pomplamoose in June 2008. Forever ago. Anyways, they’re all grown up.

[jarlady via snarkmarket]

Links for 10.13.09: The Beatles, Bon Iver, Daniel Johnston, disgusting food

*Music: Listen to analysis of three Beatles multitrack masters from the BBC’s “Record Producers: The Extended Cut.” No, really. Listen. If I told you this was from Waxy, would you listen? Ugh. Christ.

*Games: Preview and/or check out Hi, How Are You, an iPhone app inspired by Daniel Johnston’s art. That was a weird sentence, and one the me from five years ago would not have liked, much less understood. Sad.

*Music: A podcast of Bon Iver performing at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater. I’m typing this with stumps.

*Poetry: This seems like the kind of lit hip people would like. And by this, I mean Zadie Smith reading Frank O’Hara’s “Animals.”

*Entrepreneurship: Derek Sivers talks about growing and then knowing he was done with his business, CDBaby.

*Fashion: The t-qualizer is a shirt with a graphic equalizer embedded. [neatorama]

*Sustenance: I love pictures of disgusting-looking food. Wait. Huh? But it’s true. That’s what makes it funny. Also, never go deep into the Google image search results for chaat. Ever. [murketing]

*Today’s links: Always F.