Links for 10.1.09: Floating Logos, Hove’s occultism, Nabokov’s bald head, the South Butt…

by Josh Kimball

*Photography: Matt Siber’s Floating Logo series has me mesmerized. It’s that or the 2/3 of a bottle of white wine I just drank very quickly out of tiny jam jars. Or both. (I should add that due to an annoying lack of permalinks, you’ll need to click on “Projects,” then “Floating Logos.”) [eatmedaily]

*Hip-hop: NPR thinks that Jay-Z is fluent in the language of modern occultism. [murketing]

*Knowledge: I have a near single-minded obsession with polymathy. But it’s on its way out? (Basically, the article says that not only is polymathy waning, but our current polymaths are weak in comparison to those of the past. You may recall that Benjamin Franklin invented both lightning and the cold-air bath.)

*Money: Data by Web 2.0 financial site Mint – check out Fast Company‘s infographic on trends in geographic frugality, as well as clothing, books and hobbies spending.

*Lawsuits: The North Face sues The South Butt. Submitted without comment. Except for this: BUTT!!!!!!! [consumerist]

*Innovation: What happens if you mix a couple of YouTube videos, a cross-fader and some gratuitous swearing? That was a rhetorical question. Or just an obvious one. [fimoculous]

*Video: Nabokov talks about Lolita on YouTube. Alert me when he can explain “Pale Fire” to my satisfaction. [3quarksdaily]

*Cartography: Mapping Main Street is a look at some of the 10,466 Main Streets in America. I live on Hoyt Avenue now, but my pornography name is Buck Hubbard. Tangential, but I’m sure you follow my train of thought. [coudal]

*Work: Heat-sensitive business cards have been invented. Just reading about this gives me hairy palms. Sweaty palms. Huh? If you need me, I’ll be in the confessional. Praying. [psfk]

*Local: OK, how does an obscure Minneapolis blogger get his ass invited to stuff like this?

*Life: The Long Now looks at some of the planet’s oldest living things. What does it mean that I wish The Long Now blog cranked out posts (they are very good) at a much faster rate?

*Ideas: I previously linked to a spellchecked version of “The Jabberwocky.” Here’s a grammar-checked take on the bible. As I said, techno-corporate lobotomization is a matter of great interest to me right now. I smell a long post coming. Smells like toner cartridge.

*Grade: Fail. That’s worse than an F by three letters.