Links for 10.4.09: Eel slap, innovations past, Lyor Cohen’s life

*Interactive: I was not familiar with the eel slap before, but I had heard of the trout slap. Thanks to Facebook’s Superpoke functionality. Wait. What? [mefi]

*Business: Read about music industry executive Lyor Cohen in a very user-friendly format. [murketing]

*Promotions: Holy shit, this Nanook opener video makes me wish I had played hockey. Or been an usher at hockey games. [coudal]

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Innovation: This used to be the future: invention edition. Have I mentioned my adoration of the past’s naive possibilities lately? [notcot]

*Hello: I via Harper’s occasionally. I read the magazine regularly. They have good links frequently. I say all of these things as a preface: You must know people who love the internet. Let those people help you make lists of links that are less aggressively unreadable and unusable than the current ones. That’s all we ask. And by we, I mean me and Lyor Cohen.

*Today’s grade: Incomplete.