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Month: November, 2009

Video: Taco exploding in slow motion

Parry Gripp has a lifetime pass to the listenerd. LIFETIME.

Links for 11.29.09: “A work of art has no importance whatever to society.”

*Books: Vladimir Nabokov’s son Dmitri ignored his father’s dying request and instead of destroying his unfinished work upon his death, he published it. (Somewhat related is this Lolita-inspired coffee table.) On “Original of Laura.” I ask that upon my death, both my unpublished AND published work be destroyed. Thank you all. [3quarks]

*Video: Here’s some video of the Air Sex World championships. It’s both odd and probably not safe for work. And it has nerds with beards. And umbrellas. And a guy named Dick Oxygen. But it’s not as good as it sounds. Weird, I know.

*Nostalgia: For some reason, I love that this incredibly long interview with Vanilla Ice starts off with lyrics from his most famous song. You know, to set the tone. Huh? [mefi]

*Blogging: The format of this new music blog, Left As Rain, is interesting. Setting humility aside for a moment, I think my style would be suited to it. [notcot]

*Art: Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses a cigarette lighter to burn incredible images into ceilings. I once carved “K-Ball” into a high-school commons wall. Peer pressure. [neatorama]

*Lists: eMusic lists their Top 100 albums of the decade. Wow; The Hold Steady comes in at number two. [spincity]

*Sales: This vending machine sells ideas for $.50. I have been thinking about a similar micro-business: A person would friend me on Facebook and tell me his or her screen names on various social networking sites. I would then examine the person’s digital identity and write up an objective assessment of what his or her spirit object is. [adverlab]

*Meta: I tumblr’d ONE POSSIBLE explanation of my magazine/toilet avatar.

Video: Song played on a broom

This is somewhat old, but I can’t not post a song played on a broom by a guy wearing taped-up glasses.

Links for 11.24.09: I am going away for a bit.

*Mashups: This Flickr photo set shows album covers as pages in an IKEA catalog. My favorite part about IKEA is the lingonberry underwear.

*Religion: “I guess Jewish Metal is something that has always been a part of me.” That’s not me; it’s a quote. [harper’s]

*Pets: Boozecats is a site that photoshops cats into pictures where booze used to be. This is why I joined the Internet.

*Video: The Muppets cover Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” [everywhere]

*Note: I am going away on holiday. I will return with a Stormy Kromer. All the best.

Lazy web: Audio recording equipment?

OK, weird question here. A little advice around audio recording/podcasting equipment would be helpful. What set-up would a person need to record decent audio once in a while without having to jump through a million hoops?

-I am retarded.
-I am cheap.
-I’m looking for near-Flip video simplicity…

If you have advice, it would be much appreciated. Comment here or e-mail me at josh [dot] kimball Or reach me in a bazillion other readily apparent digital ways.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter!

Links for 11.23.09: “Goodnight bottles and cans all strewn…”

*Stories: Goodnight Keith Moon is not safe for children due to alcohol, drug use, and adult situations. [coudal]

*Marketing: If you sit near me at work, you may know that I am working on something called KEEP IT AWESOME. This is somewhat related. SOMEWHAT. “The Swedish rock band Bob Hund released their single Fantastiskt (fantastic) as a one copy vinyl record that only allows 30 playings.”

*Dance: There’s a new style of dancing known as “Jerking.” I recommend an immediate rebranding.

*Anatomy: Scientific American examines the age-old question “Why do human testicles hang like that?” You may think that this, like so many items, is unrelated to music. OR you may recall a tune that was a favorite on playgrounds nationwide, “Do Your Balls Hang Low?” [harper’s]

*Lists: This list of the 50 most interesting Wikipedia entries has been circulating the web, and it is, indeed, fantastic. I especially recommend the entries on humanzees (hypothetical human/chimp hybrids) and the Tube Bar prank calls.

*Food: I have a new blog to monitor obsessively: Insanewiches. It is about insane sandwiches. It’s not exactly insane, but my signature sandwich is a bagel, munster cheese, lettuce, spicy mustard, Tabasco, green olives and a stacker pickle. Best if eaten while wearing a rainbow-colored afro clown wig and reading an enormous RSS feed. [eat me daily]

*Holidays: You may consider this question from the San Francisco Gate a commentary on American culture: “You’ve gotten so popular that there are two Trans-Siberian Orchestras touring at once. Do you get to pick which coast you tour on?” [opp]

*Today’s links: Courage.

Video: Messa di Voce – Insect Nature Show

I wish I really knew what was going on here.


Video: Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa”

Video: Ralf and Florian: The Kraftwerk Sitcom


Video: Jared Allen’s theory of the mullet

I have to admit that his argument is impeccable. Not all YouTube commenters agree, though – “There’s nothing nice about this man’s mullet, it makes him look like his ass stinks really bad. Just my opinion.”

Links for 11.21.09: Roast beaver a la Michigan.

*Photography: Empty L.A. – where the humans have all been removed from the city – is another illustration of absence. [highindustrial]

*Online: Tumblr is wine, Twitter is crack – what are some other popular internet vices? defined. [coudal]

*Food: Beaver recipes. For preparing beaver. [neatorama]

*Videos: This post linking to all 6 parts about a BBC documentary called “Krautrock” is worth clicking through to for the title alone – “stretchmarks on a rock cabbage.”

Also, Pitchfork has posted the documentary “Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen” for a week. The documentary depicts Mr. Cohen in his days as a poet; before he took up pop music. [mefi]

*Phones: And the next blook deal goes to…”People Talking on Bananas.” (This site should auto-play Raffi singing “Bananaphone” when you open it.) Well, the next one to get a deal AFTER Regretsy. [presurfer]

*Music: Listen to these Singing Science recordings. Clear, earnest, strangely compelling. [coudal]

*Fashion: Whoa. If I were a woman I would totally get a book handbag! I think. (I don’t have any tendencies in that direction.) [craft]

*Today’s links: F

Video: Mass: We Pray the videogame


Video: Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Two-Headed Boy”

At the Knitting Factory in NYC in 1998???


Links for 11.19.09: Republicans love shortbread.

*Alcohol: Wines That Rock is releasing rock and roll-related varietals such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet and the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot. Hopefully, the wine was bottled in these bands’ respective hay days. Am i rite? Also, it will taste terrible. [the daily swarm]

*Money: This incredible chart from Mint is too complex by half, but it shows who is paying taxes in the U.S. [harper’s]

*Music: Here is a tumblr that is dedicated to “Music to have sex to.” I’ll be honest: I was expecting more Kings of Leon. A LOT more. WHAT? [lafix]

*Art: If these record cover collages don’t turn you on, you aren’t listening to enough Kings of Leon. Huh? Someone please help. [coudal]

*Visualizations: I’ve frequently linked to infographics made by GOOD magazine. Here’s a Flickr set of all of them. [coudal]

*Politics: According to Hunch, when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, liberals like samoas and conservatives like shortbread. I like thin mints. If by “like,” you mean devour sleeves of joylessly. [harper’s]

*Web: Can government really tap into the power of technology via Expert Labs? And, more importantly, is this company hiring? WHAT?

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: Failure.