Links for 11.1.09: Tape ties, rats, and matches

*Fashion: Whoa. Sonic Fabric Neckties. Ties made from 50% polyester thread and 50% cassette tape. That you can listen to. WHAT? [ohgizmo]

*Language: All Sorts has a collection of collective nouns, including “a fixie of hipsters,” which I could have sworn was an old neologism.

*Books: Who are the 10 best rats in literature? I agree with the Orwell and Camus, of course, but no rats of NIMH? Also, there was a dead rat in the basement of our building the other day. I didn’t go look at it. [shorties]

*Games: You can now play Rock Band on your iPhone. You could also technically create a robot to play Rock Band on your iPhone. Like this guy did. Not very sporting. [neural]

*Consumerism: Matches are everywhere. “In remote rural communities, where television, radio or even street names are almost non-existent, relaying information is a pressing issue. Matchboxes may contain the solution.” [marginal revolution]

*Booze: They make whisky flavored condoms. I’m drinking an old-fashioned right now! Actually, those two things have nothing to do with each other. At all. [buzzfeed]

*Things: If you’re marvelously pithy, you can enter this Significant Objects contest, wherein you need to right a story of a thing in 6 words or fewer.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s grade: F.