Links for 11.7.09: Surly beer, mushroom pants and God’s jail

by Josh Kimball

*Art: The Manshroom – for your walls. And loins. I don’t know why I said that. [eat me daily]

*The Law: Oklahoma is starting a prison for Christians that will be run by Christians. [harper’s]

*Drinks: The company that makes Angostura Bitters almost went under due to the recession, which would have kicked off a martini and old fashioned crisis the likes of which the world has never known.

*Video: Watch all of this season’s one-liners from Mad Men’s Roger Sterling. [vulture]

*Beer: Read this interview with the couple behind Surly Brewing. “The turning point probably was in June 2007, when Beer Advocate magazine named Surly the number-one brewery in the United States.” [heavy table]

*Music: Learn about songs that retell works of literature via Wikipedia. Let’s not forget that The Decemberists’ “On the Bus Mall” is based on “My Own Private Idaho.” (I don’t know where that came from either.) [neatorama]

*Charts: This movie narrative chart of “Lord of the Rings” from xkcd is like Andrew Quo nerdness X3. I prefer nerdness to nerdiness in this case. Not sure why. Go forth and conquer.

*Today’s links: There are no words.