Links for 11.21.09: Roast beaver a la Michigan.

by Josh Kimball

*Photography: Empty L.A. – where the humans have all been removed from the city – is another illustration of absence. [highindustrial]

*Online: Tumblr is wine, Twitter is crack – what are some other popular internet vices? defined. [coudal]

*Food: Beaver recipes. For preparing beaver. [neatorama]

*Videos: This post linking to all 6 parts about a BBC documentary called “Krautrock” is worth clicking through to for the title alone – “stretchmarks on a rock cabbage.”

Also, Pitchfork has posted the documentary “Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen” for a week. The documentary depicts Mr. Cohen in his days as a poet; before he took up pop music. [mefi]

*Phones: And the next blook deal goes to…”People Talking on Bananas.” (This site should auto-play Raffi singing “Bananaphone” when you open it.) Well, the next one to get a deal AFTER Regretsy. [presurfer]

*Music: Listen to these Singing Science recordings. Clear, earnest, strangely compelling. [coudal]

*Fashion: Whoa. If I were a woman I would totally get a book handbag! I think. (I don’t have any tendencies in that direction.) [craft]

*Today’s links: F