Links for 11.23.09: “Goodnight bottles and cans all strewn…”

by Josh Kimball

*Stories: Goodnight Keith Moon is not safe for children due to alcohol, drug use, and adult situations. [coudal]

*Marketing: If you sit near me at work, you may know that I am working on something called KEEP IT AWESOME. This is somewhat related. SOMEWHAT. “The Swedish rock band Bob Hund released their single Fantastiskt (fantastic) as a one copy vinyl record that only allows 30 playings.”

*Dance: There’s a new style of dancing known as “Jerking.” I recommend an immediate rebranding.

*Anatomy: Scientific American examines the age-old question “Why do human testicles hang like that?” You may think that this, like so many items, is unrelated to music. OR you may recall a tune that was a favorite on playgrounds nationwide, “Do Your Balls Hang Low?” [harper’s]

*Lists: This list of the 50 most interesting Wikipedia entries has been circulating the web, and it is, indeed, fantastic. I especially recommend the entries on humanzees (hypothetical human/chimp hybrids) and the Tube Bar prank calls.

*Food: I have a new blog to monitor obsessively: Insanewiches. It is about insane sandwiches. It’s not exactly insane, but my signature sandwich is a bagel, munster cheese, lettuce, spicy mustard, Tabasco, green olives and a stacker pickle. Best if eaten while wearing a rainbow-colored afro clown wig and reading an enormous RSS feed. [eat me daily]

*Holidays: You may consider this question from the San Francisco Gate a commentary on American culture: “You’ve gotten so popular that there are two Trans-Siberian Orchestras touring at once. Do you get to pick which coast you tour on?” [opp]

*Today’s links: Courage.