Links for 12.9.09: “Big pimpin’ on B-L-A-Ds”

by Josh Kimball

*Podcasts: I linked to it via Twitter previously, but I can’t recommend enough this Sound of Young America interview with rapper Bun B. This examination of some Jay-Z lyrics from The Awl is pretty good, too. [dailyswarm]

*Weather: The Atlantic offers up an annotated version of Sarah Palin’s recent Washington Post op-ed on global warming. I call it a glop-ed. Secretly.

*Shopping: I recommend this impressive gallery of photographs of “dead malls.” One mall I frequented as a young man, Brookdale, is very close to being dead now. It’s holding on due to a Sears store that has a very good car battery replacement service. [harper’s]

*Roads: US Ends – This web site about the endpoints of American highways is multi-colored in the old-timey way. That’s a feature, not a bug.

*Music: I know people like lists due to their clarity, levity and brevity, so here’s a list of the Top 10 Overhyped Bands of the 2000s. Sadly, I listen to some of these bands. Because I am an unthinking clown. [fluxtumblr]

*Metal: The most metal piece of classical music is “The Iron Foundry” by Alexander Mosolov. Due to the metal in its name. [metalsucks]

*Inventions: Musical instrument inventor Trimpin “designed giant marimbas that translate tremors into ever-shifting compositions.” You had me at giant marimbas. You had me at giant marimbas. [wired]

*Food: A Scotch MegaEgg is like an egg version of a rat king. And that’s the highest compliment I give.

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