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Video: A new Ken Nordine BURST!

How did I miss this?

You may already know that 89-year-old spoken word artist Ken Nordine has an active (for an octogenarian) YouTube account. He posts word jazzy audio and visuals every few months or so, and I link to them regularly. It appears that he released his most recent one on Christmas.

Even the YouTube comments (normally a bastion of crassness and stupidity) are touching: “Ken, I am delighted to have found your Channel; I have been a devoted fan since high school and I am now well over sixty. In fact, my high school English teacher played your album Word Jazz for the class and I was hooked. This is the first YouTube video by you I have watched and I loved it!”

Here’s Burst 349.

Links for 1.12.10: 17 Ways to Better Abs

*The Internet: Are we living in an age of “digital Maoism“; existing in an environment that encourages mediocrity? I know I am. [tds]

Additionally: Here’s what Clay Shirky says about our current internet: “We are, however, the people who are setting the earliest patterns for this medium. Our fate won’t matter much, but the norms we set will.”

*Geography: Read “The Ruse of the Creative Class.” I can’t tell which the author dislikes more, Richard Florida’s suits or his ideas. Can’t we all just wear monochrome jumpsuits that have been modified to not have any pants? This is America. 2010. Let’s look at the bright side of digital Maoism. [harper’s]

*Cycling: This bicycle helmet from Julien Bergignat reminds me of sushi. [notcot]

*Weather: I have nearly become obsessed with the idea of self-rolling snow. HOW CAN WE HARNESS THIS POWER?!??

*Ads: This guy had glasses tattooed to his face for Ray-Ban? I don’t really buy this. And not just because the Alta Vista’d Portuguese resembles gibberish. If anything, that made it more realistic. Still, ouch? [notcot]

*History: Although this Smithsonian listicle claims to debunk the biggest myths of the American Revolution, I didn’t see a single “myth” that anybody really believes. I have, in the past 6 months, read up on: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, the Revolutionary War, and Lewis and Clark. Effers.

*Privacy: Did you know that Orson Welles cared about more than just movies and Gallo wines?

“Well obviously, I’m a male, I’m a man, why should I have to answer that? State your race and religion in block letters; well, now why should I have to confide my religion to the police? Frankly, I don’t think anybody’s race is anybody’s business. I’m willing to admit that the policeman has a difficult job, a very hard job, but it’s the essence of our society that the policeman’s job should be hard. He’s there to protect, protect the free citizen, not to chase criminals, that’s an incidental part of his job. The free citizen is always more of a nuisance to the policeman that the criminal.”

*Art: I have, on this listenerd, long been a fan of the remediation of art. I like watching records play on YouTube. Now, I like drawings made of YouTube videos. (And they’re selling!) Not as much as the records playing. But still. [picocool]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: 70s rock and roll yodeling

Dude drops some bad-ass yodeling at the 1:00 mark. HOLY.


Video: Single Ladies vs. Mayberry

You may recall Peaches vs. Mayberry.

Video: John Cage: I have nothing to say and I am saying it

An hour. But still. [neural]

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This link is also a Five Star Professional test. (You can ignore it! Apologies.)

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Video: Multitrack, a capella version of “Eye of the Tiger”

The video is OK, but I love the comments:

“It sounds like the guy is going Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama.”

Also, overheard as I was watching this: “Are these Serbian prisoners or something?”