Links for 10.17.10: 18 Ways to Better Abs

by Josh Kimball

*Social media: Good old Apophenia calls Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg out on the carpet for saying that the “age of privacy is over,” claiming (rightly, in my opinion, though maybe obviously), “There isn’t some radical shift in norms taking place. What’s changing is the opportunity to be public and the potential gain from doing so.” I recommend that you read this.

*Language: Do we need to get rid of the verb to be? I’m ambivalent. “The little word ‘is’ has its tragedies,” as they say.

*Literature: Camus died in a car crash 50 years ago this month. A Piece of Monologue gathered up a bunch of commentary on his life and work. I always liked his books because they were so heavy-seeming, while also being so short. So, so short.

*Film: Mel Gibson is making a Viking movie which will probably be filmed entirely in harsh, guttural Old Norse. I’d like to nominate Visanthe Shiancoe for one of the leads.

*Tapes: More of the amazing White Tape Project can be seen here. Also, the first tape I ever purchased was by Oakland’s Too Short. I can’t articulate what was motivating me at the time. [coudal]

*Prices: This blog post has a chart on the relative price of liquids that will make you want to put your HP Black Ink #45 behind lock and key. Probably behind a picture. [marginal revolution]

*Cinema: Classily titled blog Pop Hangover catalogs the saddest IMDB profiles ever. Profiles such as those of Nick Vukelic, whose sole credit is as “Drugged Out Loser” in “10 Things I Hate About You.”

*Food: I’m starting to get worried about Eat Me Daily.

*Comedy: If you watch Nick Swardson’s short “28 Drinks Later,” please note that I worked with his mother many years ago. She was a punctilious copyeditor with a scratchy voice.

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