Links for 1.19.10: 19 Ways to Better Abs

by Josh Kimball

*Giants Striding the Earth: Read the story of how the Wiggles conquered the world. “The model for nearly everything we do is self-financed. We own everything and create it ourselves. We wanted to keep financial and creative control.” My wife likes the yellow one. I think. (Editor’s note: I have been corrected. She likes the blue one.)

*Packaging: Unpackaged is a London shop built on the idea that less packaging is better. They sell most of their goods in bulk, and encourage people to bring in their own, reusable bags. Or to just try to run out of the store carrying like a billion grains of rice in front of them in their two cupped hands, spilling it everywhere and sweating wildly. [notcot]

*Data: These infographics of Beatles data have been making the rounds. I recommend reading them closely. Unless you hate the Beatles. Also, I sometimes feel like has the same RSS feed I do. I’m only one man, I’m only one man. I’m only one man. (Spoken in the voice of Robin Williams from “Good Will Hunting.” Except drunk.)

*Anatomy: Beethoven’s skull is for sale. The seller is hoping to reel in $100 large for the dead composer’s noggin. [animal ny]

*Music: You can listen to this Q&A with the band Phoenix. Also, HAIR. Also, remember when there was much more music content linked-to from this blog? And longer posts that were sometimes even reflected upon? Those were the days.

*Medicine: It has been found that wood may be the best substance to use for artificial bones. Submitted without easy joke.

*Imagery: Surely, you have seen The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne bathing in his backyard on Google Maps. And I’m not talking about a cold-air bath, either. [fluxtumblr]

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