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Video: A phonograph spinning rousingly

This video of a phonograph playing music is more rousing than it is soothing. Sorry for the curveball.

Links for 1.30.10: 21 Tips for Better Abs

*Related: This is a remix of my smug-faced, emotional (emotionless?) doppelganger, Dexter, doing a voiceover for a Dodge commercial. Creepy, sure. But is it creepy ENOUGH?

*Music: The National’s Matt Berninger talks to Pitchfork about his band’s forthcoming album. Pitchfork? Really? Next thing you tell me is that he’ll only marry New Yorker literary editors. Harumph.

*Human Relations: This resume from Leonardo da Vinci has been going around, but I would love to see more famous people’s CVs. Or linked in profiles.

*Local: Coolio has come to town to talk about food and love. “Finest bitch I ever touched in my life, before 35 [years-old], is here — light skin, long hair, green eyes, bad as a mother [expletive].” Huh. [the daily swarm]

*Research: Synovate did a music survey, talking to 8k adults in 13 countries. Guess what: people like music.

*Design: Vankho does a cool graphic interpretation of a news headline every day. I recommend poking around.

*Business: The Wall Street Journal explains Lady Gaga. Finally, the world is starting to make sense as the country’s foremost source for financial news explains the grotesqueries of pop music. “In fact, much of Gaga’s audience got her music for free, and legally. They have listened to free streams—by the hundreds of millions—on YouTube and the other online services that Gaga currently leads, according to research firm BigChampagne.”

*Photos: Peruse this gallery of literary drunks and addicts. Believe it or not, it isn’t one of my college-era Facebook photo albums. [coudal]

*Literature: The New Yorker opened up its archive of J.D. Salinger writings. I dislike the word writings. Not as much as I dislike learnings. But still, I have negative feelings toward it.

*Today’s links: F.