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Month: February, 2010

Video: Skoda Glass Harp


Video: London’s 3D Soundclash

I don’t even know what an audioscape is. Still.


Links for 2.24.10: 36 Tips for Better Abs

*Recommended: Roland Lazenby writes about sex and sports (and the Lakers and Magic and Wilt) on Lakernoise. A fascinating read, and there’s even a local angle: “Hot Rod Hundley, a noted partier and ladies man, was the number one overall pick in the 1957 NBA draft, when he was selected by the Minneapolis Lakers. Team owner Bob Short soon realized he had a real rounder on his hands. Hundley would head out to the bars almost every night to carouse and enjoy the secretaries and professional ladies of Minnesota.” [mefi]

*Fashion: The Rock Guitar Shirt is a functional guitar. OF SORTS. Careful readers may already know this, but I once learned the first three chords of Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine” upside-down (Hendrix-style) on a 12-string guitar. [redferret]

*Words: Effing Typeface is not safe for work. It is a font of sorts. Or a typeface. I don’t know the difference and, in fact, will go to great lengths not to look it up. [mefi]

*Shirtlessness: View the entire (male) cast of “Jersey Shore” as photographed by Terry Richardson.

*Blogging: Kanye West, who was quite good at music blogging for a while there about a year ago, has started a new site. I will warn you that the first post has a mostly naked lady on it. So avoid at your own risk.

*Tips: Does anyone have any tips for better abs?

*Movies: They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? is organizing the 1,000 greatest films of all time. Well, putting them in order. And adding contextual information. I’m sure you get it. Or will. [coudal]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Holographic Drumkit and turntables



Video: Heavy metal curling

Hammerfall’s “Hearts on Fire”


Links for 2.22.10: 102 Tips for Better Abs

*Film: This retrospective on “Raging Bull” from Vanity Fair is worth the read. On De Niro’s consideration of the protagonist, boxer Jake La Motta – “He was thinking about Jake’s masochism, for example—his capacity to take brutal beatings without ever being knocked down and then somehow rally and K.O. an opponent who was ahead of him on points. Scorsese likes to quote the inscription on a folk-art painting he was once given: ‘Jake La Motta fought as if he didn’t deserve to live.'”

*Question: Is this not a music blog anymore?

*Music: Ad Age takes on Lady Gaga. “Lady Gaga, with her army of nearly 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 million Facebook fans, can move product.”

That’s a weird (though, initially impressive) stat to lead the article with, since clickthrough (I won’t even speculate on the higher-commitment engagement of BUYING) is typically very low on Twitter, even (some may say especially) for its users with 1M followers. I do, however, like it when she styles her hair to look like a telephone.

*Dolls: Speaking of Lady G, Lu Wei Kang designed a Gaga-inspired Barbie doll.

*Games: OK, there’s some nerdcore iPhone game featuring the music of MC Frontalot where you use your fingers as breakdancing legs on the screen? It is called B-Boy Beats. I’m not sure even I know what that meant. And I don’t even remember what a B-Boy is. Sometimes this blog serves mostly as a reminder of what I do not know. And that’s why I keep going.

*On language: Videogum examines the tag (word?) NSFW. Excellent prose on one of the most important topics of our time. “No, what is actually NSFW is not porno, which is ubiquitous and unavoidable. What is NSFW is the borderline-innocuous video that doesn’t overtly show any bared flesh or penetration, but somehow says something even more important about you for watching it.” Also, do not watch the videos. I didn’t.

*Words: What makes a good title for an article, an album or a work of literature? I sometimes commit some of the sins they here warn us to avoid, such as:

-The Faux Poetic but Authentically Meaningless (“Hunt the Mist Slowly”)
-The Lofty Abstraction, a.k.a. the Bad Kundera (“The Lonely Shackles of Mortality”)
-The Melodramatic Image (“Blood Dries Brown”)

If you asked me what my favorite title for a work of art was, I would tell you: “Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form.”

*Update: How are your abs doing? Mine are terrible.

*Today’s links: F.

Image: Record grooves under a microscope

This has been floating around Tumblr – Synthgear shares some images of record grooves as seen under a microscope at The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. Yes. That is a record.

Links for 2.20.10: 101 Tips for Better Abs

*Mules: Mules come from the sexual union of a male donkey and a female horse. Hinnies are made by mating male horses and female donkeys. And no one likes them. Susan Orlean (who is terrible on Twitter) has written a very compelling story of the recent history and modern-day use of mules. And I recommend it. (Spoiler: Afghanistan and the Amish.)

*Sex: This survey answers the question that’s been on your mind since you read this sentence – what’s the sex life of MIT students like? The Chemistry Department has the largest concentration of virgins. If you’re wondering. [mefi]

*Blogging: It’s been years since I started this blog, but I still have no idea how to blog. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this deliciously meta article on how to write an incendiary blog post. Also, I think I need to work on my headlines.

*Robbery: Waxy does a rundown of decades worth of media scares that focus on innovations that allow savvy burglars to tell when people will be home and when they won’t.

*Sex and advertising: Durex uses words shaped like sex in its latest print campaign. This link is as NSFW as word shapes can be.

*Music: Codeorgan allows you to plug in an URL, then it produces the musical fingerprint of the site. Thelistenerd is lower than I was expecting it to be.

*Rules: If you want to write fiction, never open with weather and never use the word “suddenly.” At least, if you think Elmore Leonard is worth listening to. Ask me sometime to dredge up the story of a busker in an empty train station that I wrote years ago. It is as sure a cure for insomnia as is in existence today. [mefi]

*Existence: There is a dub band called Umberto Echo. Language is destiny. [neural]

*Ab progress: None.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Duluth Trading Company’s Ballroom Jeans

I am all over the Ballroom Jeans beat. (I tumbld about it the other day.) Apparently, Duluth Trading Company now has a commercial out for their Ballroom Jeans. For your testicular comfort.

Video: Street drummer DRUMMING

He’s no Prince.


Video: 1984 Prince rehearsals

It’s impossible for me not to link to these videos, “When Doves Cry” and “Erotic City.” [the daily swarm]

Links for 2.14.10: 27 Tips for Better Abs

*Art: Cassettes can be art, if you add a little light to them. I know you’ve been wondering about this. I have. [notcot]

*Humanity: Does keeping chickens teach you about how societies work? “Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions, which is doubtless why so many words and phrases in common parlance are redolent of the hen yard: ‘pecking order’, ‘cockiness’, ‘ruffling somebody’s feathers’, ‘taking somebody under your wing’, ‘fussing like a mother hen”, “strutting”, a “bantamweight fighter’, ‘clipping someone’s wings’, ‘beady eyes’, ‘chicks’, ‘to crow’, ‘to flock’, ‘get in a flap’, ‘coming home to roost’, ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’, ‘nest eggs’ and ‘preening’.”

*Landslide: Look at this art inspired by Stevie Nicks.*
*Look only if you don’t have an eye for art. [coudal]

*Media: I like both the angry Russian propaganda-inspired design of TPUTH and headlines such as “Penis Roulette Creator Finally Speaks.”

*Art: These iPhone wallpapers by Mark Weaver – including A MAN WITH AN ELEPHANT HEAD HOLDING A GUN – are pretty awesome. [notcot]

*Lists: Who were the 50 most loathsome Americans in 2009? I would express my relief in not being on the list, but I only read half of it, then passed it on to you as if I were entirely familiar with it. (Minnesota’s own is #4!) [harper’s]

*Writing: Whatever you think of the story and the subject (it’s John Mayer), this headline from Vulture is excellent.

*Video: This robotic vibraphone is probably cooler and less erotic than you were expecting it to be. Sounds like a paradox, I know.

*Tip: Eat less.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Man smashing TVs at Wal-mart

I have added TV smashing to my list of favored topics.

Video: A supercut of movie mirror scares