Links for 2.7.10: 24 Tips for Better Abs

*THIS IS WHAT THE LISTENERD IS: Florian Fusco makes cardboard and paper reproductions of vintage consumer electronics. [neural]

*THIS IS THE LISTENERD: The 1972 Gesundheit Radio from Texas Instruments spit out the dust it collected every six months. “Their first product was the 1972 Gesundheit Radio. Developed to protect early microprocessors from dust, the radio featured a sneeze mechanism that expelled dust from inside the casing every six month[s].” [wmmna]

*HOLY THIS IS THE LISTENERD: I have previously linked to cucumber instruments and (probably) carrot flutes. Now: A YouTube user makes an ocarina out of an egg.

*WAIT HOLY WHAT: The Scentisizer is a SMELL-based musical interface. Also, something reeks in here. [notcot]

*Singing: Karaoke rage exists. “I used to like ‘My Way,’ but after all the trouble, I stopped singing it. You can get killed.” This is not the listenerd. Just linking. Weird, right? [mefi]

*Today’s links: F.