Links for 2.20.10: 101 Tips for Better Abs

by Josh Kimball

*Mules: Mules come from the sexual union of a male donkey and a female horse. Hinnies are made by mating male horses and female donkeys. And no one likes them. Susan Orlean (who is terrible on Twitter) has written a very compelling story of the recent history and modern-day use of mules. And I recommend it. (Spoiler: Afghanistan and the Amish.)

*Sex: This survey answers the question that’s been on your mind since you read this sentence – what’s the sex life of MIT students like? The Chemistry Department has the largest concentration of virgins. If you’re wondering. [mefi]

*Blogging: It’s been years since I started this blog, but I still have no idea how to blog. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this deliciously meta article on how to write an incendiary blog post. Also, I think I need to work on my headlines.

*Robbery: Waxy does a rundown of decades worth of media scares that focus on innovations that allow savvy burglars to tell when people will be home and when they won’t.

*Sex and advertising: Durex uses words shaped like sex in its latest print campaign. This link is as NSFW as word shapes can be.

*Music: Codeorgan allows you to plug in an URL, then it produces the musical fingerprint of the site. Thelistenerd is lower than I was expecting it to be.

*Rules: If you want to write fiction, never open with weather and never use the word “suddenly.” At least, if you think Elmore Leonard is worth listening to. Ask me sometime to dredge up the story of a busker in an empty train station that I wrote years ago. It is as sure a cure for insomnia as is in existence today. [mefi]

*Existence: There is a dub band called Umberto Echo. Language is destiny. [neural]

*Ab progress: None.

*Today’s links: F.