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Links for 2.24.10: 36 Tips for Better Abs

*Recommended: Roland Lazenby writes about sex and sports (and the Lakers and Magic and Wilt) on Lakernoise. A fascinating read, and there’s even a local angle: “Hot Rod Hundley, a noted partier and ladies man, was the number one overall pick in the 1957 NBA draft, when he was selected by the Minneapolis Lakers. Team owner Bob Short soon realized he had a real rounder on his hands. Hundley would head out to the bars almost every night to carouse and enjoy the secretaries and professional ladies of Minnesota.” [mefi]

*Fashion: The Rock Guitar Shirt is a functional guitar. OF SORTS. Careful readers may already know this, but I once learned the first three chords of Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine” upside-down (Hendrix-style) on a 12-string guitar. [redferret]

*Words: Effing Typeface is not safe for work. It is a font of sorts. Or a typeface. I don’t know the difference and, in fact, will go to great lengths not to look it up. [mefi]

*Shirtlessness: View the entire (male) cast of “Jersey Shore” as photographed by Terry Richardson.

*Blogging: Kanye West, who was quite good at music blogging for a while there about a year ago, has started a new site. I will warn you that the first post has a mostly naked lady on it. So avoid at your own risk.

*Tips: Does anyone have any tips for better abs?

*Movies: They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? is organizing the 1,000 greatest films of all time. Well, putting them in order. And adding contextual information. I’m sure you get it. Or will. [coudal]

*Today’s links: F.

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