Video: Twitter – The Criterion Collection

OK. I don’t usually cross social media streams. I don’t really talk much (in any earnest way) about other endeavors I undertake or people (real or imaginary) with whom I associate. Or work that I do. Shit that I write. Projects that I fail at. (Or do I write about that stuff all the time?)

Anyway, I’ve been on Twitter for a long time. I started in 2006. After getting some followers, I quit. For no real reason, I guess, though one of the factors was that many of my “real” friends and colleagues started reading what I wrote there. A few months later, I came back; this time anonymously. I used twitter how I wanted to then. I didn’t update with where I was or what I was doing. I wrote what I wanted to write. And I somehow, organically, found myself on the outskirts (where else) of a weird little internet community.

These people are smart. They’re weird. They’re funny. And here’s what’s unusual about this strange little alchemical project I’m linking to below: I’d normally cringe at the idea of people putting out an open-ended call project of this sort. But not here. I found myself watching the video below without a single cringe; but instead with anticipation. (Others, obviously, would and have, disagreed.) Wow.

[Oh, and it got BoingBoinged? (The 2nd BoingBoing comment refers to the one I wrote, and which is brilliantly performed by @samhey starting at 6:05. I appear – sort of; I’m cloaked in darkness, as it should be – dramatizing a tweet by @highindustrial at 7:51.)]

The video was inspired, wrangled and edited by @poeks and @sween.