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Video: A German youth identifying Star Wars Lego’s

This is a video of a blindfolded German youth identifying Star Wars Lego figures as they are put in her mouth.

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Links for 3.9.10: 87 Tips for Better, Firmer Abdominals

*Busses: I wrote a book report for Coudal last night. I’m not even really sure why. It’s about the time I read Ulysses on the bus in Boston. And on the bus in Minnesota. The guy who wrote back to me is STEVE DELAHOYDE, who wrote THIS way back when I was writing THIS under a TOTALLY FAKE NAME. I AM OLD. OMG.

*Recession: In England, fake store fronts are being used to lessen the perception of local economic failure. On a somewhat related note, I’ve been told to smile more often.

*Books: Here’s David Foster Wallace’s personal annotated dictionary. I’m not really a Wallace-file. I did like his essays on CES and grammar, though.

*Food: Eat Me Daily is back. I’m weeping overjoyed tears of mayonnaise right now. Also, this car runs on espresso. And, I assume, love.

*Sound: I enjoy the rain effect on this free online white noise player.

*Startups: ScatterTunes is trying to change consumers’ de facto music-purchasing interface.

*Performance: Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg perform “Lazy Sunday” on Fallon. On Hulu. What does this bullet even mean? I feel so old right now. I mean, Saturday Night Live? So very, very old. And frail.

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Video: Ken Nordine’s Credit Card Blues

Never forget to put these up. Never forget.