Links for 3.16.10: 90 Tips for Better Abs and/or Glutes

by Josh Kimball

*People: “We should, I believe, be judged by our compromises more than by our ideals and our norms. Ideals may tell us something important about what we would like to be. But compromises tell us who we are.” – Avishai Margalit

*Sperm: I am sending you to the official site for Sizing Up Sperm, a television show that will put the scope of the human reproductive system into context. It includes photographs of people dressed like sperm. Which is weird.

*Butchery: Have you ever wanted a pillow that looks like it was made out of meat? Let me rephrase that: Have you ever NOT wanted ANYTHING that looked like it was made out of meat? [eatmedaily is back!]

*Bottles: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s new album, “The Wonder Show of the World,” is being marketed via bottle stoppers that look like a BALD Bonny “Prince” Billy. I have a soft spot for bald guys. ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD.

*Bands: Flavorwire looks at the intersection of food and bands – Vampire Weekend’s House of Horchata and Aranciata. I’ll be frank; if McSweeney’s had done this, it would have been tighter. [eat me daily again. Damn.]

*Music: eMusic has added music from the Sub Pop label to its site. If they had done this five years ago (and not raised prices and limited downloads), I might still be a customer! (Odds are very low that I would still be a customer.)

*Sleep: Motel 6’s “Rock Yourself to Sleep” campaign, which puts up indie bands on tour, has two open slots for 6 weeks of free lodging for musicians on tour. [hypebot]

*Blogging: My arch-nemesis, Susan Orlean, has started a blog. For her blog-sized ideas. For her blog-sized ideas. For her blog-sized ideas.

*Writing: Norman Maclean writes a rejection letter to publisher Alfred A. Knopf, who earlier had rejected him: “I can now only weakly say this: if the situation ever arose when Alfred A. Knopf was the only publishing house remaining in the world and I was the sole remaining author, that would mark the end of the world of books.” [coudal]

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