Links for 3.18.10: 91 Tips for Better Abs and a Sleeker Coat

*Phonographs: I used to post a lot more stuff about phonographs around here. Maybe I will again someday. Then I won’t. Then I will again. The circle of life. Here’s a cardboard phonograph from audio company GGRP. [notcot] Also: If you would like a few tips on how to clean your vinyl, click here. None of that previous sentence was a euphemism, though if you read it just so, it will sound like one. Or several. [coudal]

*Obits: Alex Chilton died. Here’s an obit with a soundtrack.

*Writing: Joel Johnson writes about the cloud like nobody writes about the cloud. Read about the cloud. And other, more important things. This is what we should be doing.

*Seeing: Use this to create photo mosaics of your favorite tumblrs. (On a somewhat related note, I deleted my tumblr. Because I was bad at tumbling. These things happen.) [mktg]

*Art: I don’t really know what Screened Calls and Slow Portraits is, but it sounds fucking ARTSY. In a good way. “Using Skype as a medium for generating temporally destructive portraits and self-portraits, Hallier redefines portraiture for the digital age.” [c-monster]

*Food: Somehow, in Minneapolis, we here are fighting TO GET street food. This may be the first time I’ve linked to a stub that contains a PDF of public meeting minutes. Are you there, Digg? It’s me. Echo.

*Festivals: The SXSW music festival keeps getting bigger, but the stakes for musicians keep getting smaller. You may not know this, but I’ve never been there, and I’m now too old to go.

*Packaging: Packaging blog, The Dieline found beer cans that look like lingerie. Not safe for work. If you can’t look at beer cans that look like lingerie at work.

*Today’s links: F.