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Links for 3.24.10: 82 Tips for Better Abs and More Glorious Auroras

*Music: Wait. A music item? On the listenerd? Isn’t this a blog that has lost its way? Hasn’t it become more an exploration in mind mapping than it is an obsessive, in-depth devotion to a tiny niche that the beautiful pundits prescribe? YES. However, here is “The Gaudy Side of Town,” a single by GAYNGS courtesy of The Current. Also, you could track down the super dirty smooth jazz mini-video for this song, if that’s the way your mind operates. [chuckles]

*The Loo: The Sexual Politics of Toilets – “The great toilet divide, like so much else in the land of liberty, comes down to money and class.”

*Networking: PSFK finds some business cards that ARE turntables from Cardonizer.

*Eating: This site will allow you to track your recent McRib sightings. [harper’s]

*Writing: The best headline I have read in a week – “Dog Testicle Tickle Party.”

*Food: Local gastronomes! We have purchased a half-share from the Wisconsin CSA known as Eener’s Farm. I imagine that decades from now, this will seem amusing, like an avocado refrigerator. HOWEVER. I need to now learn how to make soup. Local gastronomes! How much do you love this shirt? (You should look at it.)

*Links: I don’t link to Idolator anymore. Do I? I don’t link to a lot of things. Don’t take it to mean anything. Unless you can figure out what it means.

*Today’s links: F. I don’t know what glorious auroras are.

Video: Eric Whitacre’s “Lux Aurumque”

This is a virtual choir, made up of 185 YouTube singer-contributors.

YouTubian Chant.

Video: A talking plastic bag

By Futurestates. Voiceover by Werner Herzog. I recommend watching this video.