Links for 3.28.10: 48 Tips for Better Abs and more delicious forelocks

by Josh Kimball

*Traffic: Could the answer to urban traffic and environmental problems be better iPhones? (It’s funny to type the phrase “better iPhones.”) [marginal revolution]

*Images: Stare contentedly for hours at these animated gifs of popular rappers. This is as mesmerizing as a thousand spinning phonographs. [tobs]

*Sound: Apropos of the bonsai music video I put up in the last post, check out these Curious Sound Objects. [murketing]

*Letters: J.D. Salinger writing to Ernest Hemingway, 1946 – “How is your novel coming? I hope you’re working on it. Don’t sell it to the movies. You’re a rich guy.” [artsbeat]

*Mashups: Wait What has mashed up one part Biggie Smalls (now deceased) with one part xx. I enjoyed listening to it. And I, too, used to read Word Up magazine.

*Online: Read this illustrated list of the 500 worst passwords. [coudal]

*Local: I don’t care much to comment about local journalism (or any journalism – or “media,” at least news media), but I did very much enjoy this back and forth between Ed Kohler (and readers) and public radio person Bob Collins. Damn the syntax: Team The Deets. Also, I once heard a few minutes of banter between Bob Collins and Mary Lucia on the radio. Once.

*Related: I have made a solemn vow to myself never again to link to a TechCrunch article, so I’ll link to this brief Fred Wilson commentary on a Michael Arrington post that posits that we’re living in a post-reputation world. At my day job, I’ve long argued that what has recently (over the last 2-3 years) emerged is what I call the notion of “undue diligence.” It’s the idea that due to the increasing half-life of data, there is and will be weird comments or content (keg stands pics and the like) attached to most people, but that the greater social transgression is now shifting to those who (except in the case of public figures) dig up those ephemera. Like going through the trash of someone you have an upcoming date with. I’ll stop myself before I get long-winded. (For free.)

*Art: The one thing I miss about tumblr is how easy it was to steal and recontextualize images and art. I am now lacking in the visual.

*Today’s links: F. It’s been a hard week. But that isn’t ever an excuse.