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Links for 4.12.10: 81 Tips for Better Abs and Cleaner Lines

*Writing: The Awl digs into scary bearded Christian rockers, WinterBand. “If you close your eyes and pretend you’re not listening to a crew of inflammatory religious fanatics who dress like homeless warlocks, they’re actually pretty hilarious in a campy sort of way.”

*Gratuity: The Consumerist links to a bunch of tipping articles, including a New York Post article on “tip-jar madness.” I have long thought that the history of tipping would be a good topic for a longer treatment.

*Chilling headline of the century: “Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital.

*Food: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine wants a warning label put on KFC’s Double Down Sandwich. I have a lifelong fascination with gluttony. [coudal]

*Money: This weekend, This American Life ran an episode that, with reporting from ProPublica, told the story of Magnetar, a hedge fund that made money during the economic downturn by FUELING the collapse.

*Film: Is Chasing Amy the worst movie of all time? Read this post if only for the sexual bons mots. I don’t know if that phrase means anything, but it should be a thing.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Weezer plays a park

Weezer, kings of the internet, do an impromptu performance at an L.A. park. This video is LADEN with ads.

Video: Trailer for crowdsourced “Star Wars Uncut”

I blogged about this fan-made, crowdsourced version of “Star Wars” many moons ago. Now it is coming to fruition? WHAT? Some of the costumes (and physiques) are INCREDIBLE.

[the indomitable waxy]

Video: 11-year-old Jazmine Sullivan sings “Home” from The Wiz


Video: “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” on ukulele and hula hoop

A Ramones cover. Or is it a The Ramones cover?