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Month: May, 2010

Video: Kristoff Krane on The Current

Those tasty guitar licks are from a No Bird Sing guy.

Links for 5.27.10: I am thinking about doing an experiment.

*Ideas: This “vodka eyeballing” story is probably the most amusing concept that has crossed my desk in the past three weeks. Then again, that might be the vodka in my eyeball talking.

*Music: Ellen DeGeneres has started her own record label. Take that, Peter Rojas. Take that.

*Art: Needlepointing slides is kind of like uploading videos of phonographs playing music. Except with thread. [eyeteeth]

*Ideas: “Stolen Pieces” is art made from scraps of other artworks (by the likes of Kandinsky, Duchamp, and Warhol) that have been stolen previously. [c-monster]

*Words: I tweeted about this earlier today (on my lame @iconojosh account), but it bears repeating. The VQR talks about the rise of the “written author interview.”

*Smells: Whenever I wear Shirtless Kirk cologne, I feel shirtless. And Kirky.

*Video: Watch this video for Josh Ritter’s “The Curse,” a song about the love between an archaeologist and his mummy. I also like the one in which he fucks his boat. Or eats it or burns it or whatever.

*Note: I am endlessly amused by the headline of this post. And that’s what this is all about, right?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 5.25.10: I can only do what I can do, everyone.

*Books: This link contains not only an overview of the soon-to-be-released-after-100-years Mark Twain autobiography, it also includes a shirtless picture of Twain himself.

*Networks: Use this sleek and handy tool, Six Degrees of Black Sabbath, to see how closely bands are connected.

*Food: Handmade edible crayons sound even better than turkey sausage, kale and garbanzo beans. [notcot]

*Videos: If you know a dance called The Fishstick, you have probably watched the all-too-infrequent-but-extraordinarily-funny podcast You Look Nice Today.

*Words: Check out these music lyrics made into posters. They practically make your eyeballs sing. (I was rolling my eyes when I wrote that.)

*On Joan Rivers: “That is when she shows me the pillow she has embroidered that sits on a leather couch in her study: DON’T EXPECT PRAISE WITHOUT ENVY UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD.” [golden fiddle]

*Fashion: MESH CONVERSE. Is that fashion still? Mesh? Converse?

*NOTES: I was offline much of last week, but I saw Adam Arkin and Michelle Bachmann. Separately. And neither on purpose.

*Today’s links: F. I will not let it go.

Video: Cracklin’ Rosie played on mobile phones


Links for 5.17.10: 1,000 Tips for Better Abs and More Taylory Momsens

*Video: You may watch this video of William S. Burroughs shooting a handgun at William Shakespeare if you want. Kansas, 1995.

*Headlines: The New York Times‘ David Carr writes wittily about the death of the witty headline. Regular listenerd readers (a rarity, not a paradox, I’m told) will note that we follow the mantra recently put forth by @oblique_chirps: “Repetition is a form of change.”

*Words: Sean Wilentz takes on the topics of Bob Dylan, originality, authenticity and plagiarism in the Daily Beast. [daily swarm]

*Imagery: I’m not much of a Star Wars geek at all. In fact, up until recently, I thought Boba Fett was a woman. But these helmets from The Vader Project are magnificent.

*Reading: Read Spencer Sloan’s blogging at Crib Notes. Now this is how to write a blog. Like a human being.

*Facebook: danah boyd says “Facebook is a utility; utilities get regulated.” Like many of the people boyd cites at the beginning of her post, I thought it would be weird to quit, too. For personal connections. For research. For work. But it ended up feeling great?

*Today’s links: F.

Video: The Jayhawks playing a pig roast in 1985


Links for 5.13.10: 100 Tips for More Interesting Headlines

*Money: Wow. Buzzfeed takes $8M in funding. I have a lot to say about this in my professional life. But very little to say about this on the listenerd.

*Housing: Perhaps Yoko Ono’s butt wallpaper is the perfect decoration for you. And your butt. [tds]

*Blogs: Do you know what anablogs are? Look at this one, about typewriters. There is something here. Something that is interesting.

*Music: The New York Times says, “In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Takes a Step Back.” Consumers don’t care about sound quality. The good enough ethos continues.

*Facebook: Online privacy is another topic of professional interest, and the Facebook blowup is especially interesting. Here, the Times talks about how Kickstarter (a favorite) is helping facilitate potential alternatives to the big, blue juggernaut.

*Writing: The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy will be writing children’s novels. You’ll not one of his favorite subjects to address in his music is infanticide. So there’s that.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: NPR does Lady Gaga

Video: An overhead projector makes music

Links for 5.11.10: 890 Tips for Better Abs

*Privacy: Would you like to watch the devolution of Facebook privacy? It might depress you. Or make you feel empowered. If you’re weird.

*Facial hair: Urlesque points us toward Food Beard. Well played, Urlesque’s Eliot Glazer. Well played. (I recommend this site if you like food and are at least open to beards.)

*Read: David Bowie’s Playboy interview from 1976. “I always treated my boys like real ladies.” Pardon?

*Genres: A Turkish heavy metal fan discovered Twitter’s recent “accept bug.” [waxy, whom I have previously cited as indomitable]

*Communications: Listen to Radio Shack’s Musical Messages. Remember outgoing messages? Their existence depresses me. [coudal]

*Videos: Radar launches music videos. I didn’t even know that music videos were still a thing.

*Music: You can get some streaming Frightened Rabbit here. You can also stream yourself some Band of Horses here. Wait. When did this blog start to be about MUSIC?

*Gaming: Is there a drought in Farmville? In the match between Facebook and Zynga, the only loser is the public. And possibly either Facebook or Zynga. But the public for sure.

*Local: Whoa, Wednesday May 26th will be Robyne Robinson’s last day on Minneapolis’ Fox 9? Huh. Luckily, I have no comment on the matter.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Sixth grader covers Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”

I recommend that you watch this video.

Video: The National’s “Bloodbuzz, Ohio”

Links for 5.3.10: 21 Ways to Leave Your Beer Gut Behind

*Swears: Get ready for a fuck-ton of links.

*Food: I think I speak for America when I ask KFC to take White Castle’s lead, and start creating candles that smell like their more gluttonous products (none of which I have eaten); most importantly, the Famous Bowl.

*Salutations: Golden Fiddle captures the vocabulary of hello. Come baaaaaaack, GF.

*Breaking: I am not one of the 40 Bloggers Who Really Count.

*America: This hamburger image is strangely beautiful. I would totally eat a candle that smells like these look. [c-monster]

*The Internet: Web Editor Blake Eskin talks about the New Yorker’s online presence. Have I mentioned to you how much I despise the listenerd’s online presence these days? I have design problems. Ugh. You know this.

*Furniture: Campeggi has designed this sofa that encourages you to abuse it. Physically. [geekologie]

*Woodworking: Holy cow, check out this totally metal non-metal guitar. My god. [neatorama]

*Apps: You can now put a Roland TR-808 drum machine straight out of the early 1980s onto your iPhone.

*Children: Look at this headlamp made out of a Lego guy. INNOVATION AT WORK.

*Instruments: I have linked to Wave Organs before, but here’s a short write-up of one in San Francisco from the NYT. Wave organ. Organ. Heh.

*Fragments: The tagline of Wait, What? is the best of any blog I have read in a long time: “the last sentences of hypothetical conversations that you wish you were a part of.” [coudal]

*Personal: We have been posting infrequently because my three-year-old child does not want to go to bed at a reasonable hour any more. We regret the inconvenience.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Bill Murray reads poetry to construction workers