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Video: Kristoff Krane on The Current

Those tasty guitar licks are from a No Bird Sing guy.

Links for 5.27.10: I am thinking about doing an experiment.

*Ideas: This “vodka eyeballing” story is probably the most amusing concept that has crossed my desk in the past three weeks. Then again, that might be the vodka in my eyeball talking.

*Music: Ellen DeGeneres has started her own record label. Take that, Peter Rojas. Take that.

*Art: Needlepointing slides is kind of like uploading videos of phonographs playing music. Except with thread. [eyeteeth]

*Ideas: “Stolen Pieces” is art made from scraps of other artworks (by the likes of Kandinsky, Duchamp, and Warhol) that have been stolen previously. [c-monster]

*Words: I tweeted about this earlier today (on my lame @iconojosh account), but it bears repeating. The VQR talks about the rise of the “written author interview.”

*Smells: Whenever I wear Shirtless Kirk cologne, I feel shirtless. And Kirky.

*Video: Watch this video for Josh Ritter’s “The Curse,” a song about the love between an archaeologist and his mummy. I also like the one in which he fucks his boat. Or eats it or burns it or whatever.

*Note: I am endlessly amused by the headline of this post. And that’s what this is all about, right?

*Today’s links: F.