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Links for 6.5.10: What follow are the links for 6.5.10

*Food: I will highly recommend the cherry mash, available at Minneapolis’ Sugar Sugar.

*BLOGS: The Paris Review is now blogging. Plimpton. Funny word.

*Prison: You know that prisoners type, right? Do you know what they type on? CLEAR PLASTIC TYPEWRITERS from Swintec. This is incredibly awesome, if you can get past the incarceration part.

*Baseball: Wilco has started sponsoring Little League teams.

*Cooking: These tongs look like a microphone. Remember Eat Me Daily? Back when it was being written every two or three days or so? Yeah. Great times.

*Beverages: The Beer-Friendly Hoodie. Maybe this should have gone under fashion.

*Sounds: This may or may not be the voice of Oscar Wilde. IN REAL AUDIO. Just as the literary Gods would have wanted. [mefi]

*The Internet: Clay Shirky writes for the Wall Street Journal, asking “Does the Internet Make You Smarter?”

*Music: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon performs “Death Letter Blues” with an old band of his, The Shouting Matches. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually been to the Stereogum site, and WOW. Just wow. The background has wowwed me.

*Consumer electronics: Nokia has a device that harnesses the energy from a bicycle to charge a cellphone. I want one of these that would work with my phone.

*Media: The fact that many movies and television shows use the same prop newspaper has been making the blog rounds lately, but it’s worth linking to, regardless.

*First Avenue: Local rock club First Ave whitewashed the band name-bearing stars painted on the outside of their building. Originally, the rumor was that all of the stars would be coming back. Now, it looks like 100 bands will lose their stars. I don’t even HAVE a star.

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