Links for 6.10.10: These are all links, it doesn’t matter what day it is.

by Josh Kimball

*Reading: Even just the opener of this Robert Hass The Believer article on Chinese poetry makes it worth the read: “The sky over Beijing on an October morning in 2008 was the color of a bruise, a livid yellow-brown that, my friends explained, was a sandstorm off the Gobi Desert, plus inversion, plus smoke from the coal that heats and powers the city, plus automobile exhaust.” All of those things at the end of the opener are things I like. In the abstract. [harper’s]

*Video: The History of the Typewriter Recited by Michael Winslow. Whom you may know from a series of Steve Guttenberg cop movies whose name must not be uttered. Watch this video. Also, ask me some time about my 1937 Royal Deluxe. [pocket monster]

*Beverages: Beer in a Box. In the fridge. In my mouth. [notcot]

*Books: What classic books wouldn’t get published today? Robert Rowland Smith says “The Waste Land.” “Lolita.” I want more. Not just a graf on it. [mktg]

*Videogames: I was unfamiliar with Theremin Hero until today. TODAY, a day that will live in infamy. Anyway, I don’t even really know what’s going on here, nor the actual day of the week.

*Twitter: Some links from Twitter people: Samhey writes Simultaneity, a story that feels like a modern-day cross between Kafka and Bulgakov. And these two drink guides from Insooutso and Sloganeerist are well-written, informative, thirst-quenching, and feel somehow also life-giving. Huh?

*Pets: Laurie Anderson’s Music for Dogs, a concert for DOGS reminds me of Bros Icing Bros. In what way, I don’t exactly know. YET.

*Today’s links: F.