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Links for 6.14.10: I am ruddy with beer and sunlight. And 1,000 ways to improve your abs.

*Music: I expect to read 1,000 articles about the vuvuzela over the next couple of weeks. Eventually, they will coalesce into a sort of buzzing noise in the background of my consciousness. That – THAT – is this instrument’s genius. As a metaphor.

*Business: Will a Google music store launch this fall? I’m a loyal patron of the Amazon MP3 store at this point, but I’d love to see more happening to push iTunes.

*Interviews: Read about how Fred Wilson of A VC got his start in tech investing. Fun fact: He wasn’t always rich.

*Drink: David Coverdale’s Whitesnake Zinfindel is probably not something that will be covered in American Drink. Or any other respectable publication. However, here I am. Again. On my own. [mktg]

*Download: This ZIP file (I know, right?) of an Orson Welles audio file – an autobiographical interview – is worth listening to, and is even worth looking up what a ZIP FILE is (or used to be). I’ve only listened to minutes, but his voice is incredible. He talks about Othello, The Magnificent Ambersons, and more.

*Movies: Do you need a video FX tutorial on how to remove a person’s soul?

*Hacks: Swing versions of some of your favorite songs (if you are a relatively old American person), including Sweet Child O’ Mine and Enter Sandman.

*Video: Watch Wally Backman get thrown out of a minor league baseball game in GRAND fashion. Outstanding meltdown, and one I truly envy. [daring fireball]

*Blogging: Maybe soon The Awl will be too big to fail? The bloggers’ blog is looking to expand.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Olle Hemmingsson’s tractor backup band

(The tractor is ticking away, keeping the beat, in the background.)


Video: Dressing a 10-year-old boy in 215 pairs of underpants

OK, after setting the world record for number of pairs of underpants worn at once, the expression on this kid’s face is like that of a brutally beaten and exhausted Rocky Balboa, about to cry out for his beloved Adrian. Priceless.

But is this a good way to start a public life?? WHAT?

Video: Adam Winrich is a firewhipper

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This guy is an extreme whipcracker.