Links for 7.11.10: Four billion tips for better abs

by Josh Kimball

*Song of Myself: Scientists and composers collaborate to have a choir sing music based on their DNA. [networked]

*Literature: Listen to Derek Walcott – a dude who taught my wife in grad school and won the Nobel Prize for literature (in order of importance) – read a couple of poems for the New York Review of Books podcast. Seriously; whatever his failings, the guy has a crazy awesome cadence and accent.

*Talking: Read the transcript of Clay Shirky talking to Andrew Keen. If you know who either of those people are. (They are human beings, just like the rest of us. Neither of them has a compelling accent that I know of.)

*Fashion: These shoes are 100% moulded rubber. But they are NOT Crocs. But they EVOKE Crocs. In an anti-Croc way. Do you understand the complexities of cultural semiotics now? If so, please share.

*Design: You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus,” Salon. You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus.” [huh?]

*Gamey: Pulsate is this gamey kind of thing that has you click on things to “make” circles that then “make” music. Or something. It takes a while. But is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

*Athletics: Sporno exists at the unintentional intersection of sports and sex. [mktg]

*Music: On Lady Gaga, The Populist Narcissist – “It’s bizarre that Gaga is so invested in this laissez faire idea of personal freedom when, as alluded to above, she spends much of her time barking orders at the audience. We were told to sing. We were told to get up. We were told to get our hands up. We were told to get our paws up.”

*Quotes: “‘The cloud’ is a dirigible filled with hydrogen, with pictures of clouds painted on the side.” [A (legitimately scary) info-scare passed on by Fallows.]

*HIGH on my blog reading list right now, and I should note that I have been hating the internet lately: The History Chef, Pocket Monsterd, MKTG, Low Industrial. Obviously, Notcot, Coudal, C-monster and the Golden Fiddle that still exists in my mind. Also, Ken Nordine‘s YouTube channel and American Drink.

*Note: I need to buy a commuter bike and am taking any advice. Comment, email, DM or slap me in the hall.

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