Links for 7.12.10: How to improve one’s abs?

*Food: Carl’s Jr. has a foot-long hamburger. THAT YOU CAN EAT.

*Surfing: Do you want to hear what Herman Melville had to say about surfing? How can you not? [c-monster]

*Local: The best place to live in America, according to CNN Money, is Eden Prairie, Minnesota. You will note that I do not recommend living there.

*Podcasts: Jack Conte of Pomplamoose talks about how Pomplamoose is Pomplamoose. Interesting side note: I only like grapefruit with a ton of sugar. A TON. Also, I’m on phase 3 of the South Beach Diet. [hypebot]

*Twitter: Add LeAnn Rimes to the list of celebs – including Soulja Boy, John Mayer, Trent Reznor – who have quit Twitter. It’s tough when people can talk back.

*Consumer electronics: Consumer Reports does not AT&T coverage, so my opinion is biased. But upon purchasing an iPhone, the whole “telephone call” thing dropped to about 12th in its level of importance (it was previously 6th).

*Obits: Harvey Pekar died. RIP. I remember being viscerally disturbed – and equally compelled to keep watching and find out more – upon seeing one of his early encounters with Letterman. It was fantastic, and something I have appreciated more, the older I get. (I am now old and bald.) Anyway, nice last couple of minutes.

*Transportation: A double dose of giant uppers to The Greatest Conversation‘s Brian Park for his cycling expertise.

*Today’s links: F.