Links for 7.19.10: No tips for anything useful. Not even better abs.

*Communication and rumination: Alain de Botton writes about a religion for atheists, courtesy of Auguste Comte. Funny thing: I have become addicted to M. de Botton’s writings through TWITTER of all things.

*Theatre: If you are in Portland, perhaps you should go to Trek in the Park. Saturdays and Sundays in July. My science fiction knowledge is minimal, but I do know this: Never trust a woman in a jumpsuit. Or a man. Or a Ferengi (sp?).

*Television: AdverLab asks if Mad Men’s ceilings are too modern. It’s all crumbling. All around us. All of it.

*Things Southern: The University of Virginia offers you anything and everything you ever wanted to consume relating to William Faulkner.

*Planet Earth: In this interview, Bill Murray’s essence is distilled. On Garfield and Joel Coen. Or Cohen. [vulture]

*Pastries: Butch Bakery – Cupcakes. For men. (SFW.) WHAT? Really; it’s safe. These aren’t those bachelorette penis pastries. If you were wondering. [neatorama]

*Other World Problems: Typically, the hazards of modern – often American – consumer society are called “Third-World Problems.” Bad iPhone reception. Netflix on-demand won’t work in Chrome. You know? But robots that will be your buddy on a tandem bike? I don’t know what kind of problems they solve.

*Unconsumed: Rob Walker explains the internet and ROFL culture. Sometimes, we are laughing at the wrong things. Or in the case of listenerd readers, not laughing at all.

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