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Video: Ben Folds is wearing a hoodie again

The human side of your favorite (or at least in your top 10) improvisational piano player. How great was Mark Russell, by the way? Or at least Phil Hartman’s portrayal of a Mark Russell-like character on News Radio like 15 years ago?

Video: Between plot and memory

Look: This started a long time ago, with me trying to explain the plot of “The Brothers Karamazov,” a book that might be considered my favorite. Despite having read it, having talked about it extensively, and having thought back on it often, my ability to fully recall and distill the plot yielded a strange, even misshapen landscape – it’s all killer half-brothers, pale Ivans, stinky monks and wisps of tow – that bore little resemblance to the practical, rational Cliff’s Notes write-up for the book.

Anyway, I’m playing with a sort of video/brain experiment about the spaces between literary works (or any art, really) and people’s memories and distillation of those works. Tentatively called between plot and memory. I’m not sure how far I’ll continue with it, but I’ll write a fuller explanation of the ideas behind it at some point.

This one is me talking (I mean, fair is fair); the other vids up aren’t me (whew). I have a few more to put up at some point.

Maybe that’s just a fat kid, actually.” Anyway, a few more on the tumblr.