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Month: July, 2010

Links for 7.12.10: How to improve one’s abs?

*Food: Carl’s Jr. has a foot-long hamburger. THAT YOU CAN EAT.

*Surfing: Do you want to hear what Herman Melville had to say about surfing? How can you not? [c-monster]

*Local: The best place to live in America, according to CNN Money, is Eden Prairie, Minnesota. You will note that I do not recommend living there.

*Podcasts: Jack Conte of Pomplamoose talks about how Pomplamoose is Pomplamoose. Interesting side note: I only like grapefruit with a ton of sugar. A TON. Also, I’m on phase 3 of the South Beach Diet. [hypebot]

*Twitter: Add LeAnn Rimes to the list of celebs – including Soulja Boy, John Mayer, Trent Reznor – who have quit Twitter. It’s tough when people can talk back.

*Consumer electronics: Consumer Reports does not AT&T coverage, so my opinion is biased. But upon purchasing an iPhone, the whole “telephone call” thing dropped to about 12th in its level of importance (it was previously 6th).

*Obits: Harvey Pekar died. RIP. I remember being viscerally disturbed – and equally compelled to keep watching and find out more – upon seeing one of his early encounters with Letterman. It was fantastic, and something I have appreciated more, the older I get. (I am now old and bald.) Anyway, nice last couple of minutes.

*Transportation: A double dose of giant uppers to The Greatest Conversation‘s Brian Park for his cycling expertise.

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Links for 7.11.10: Four billion tips for better abs

*Song of Myself: Scientists and composers collaborate to have a choir sing music based on their DNA. [networked]

*Literature: Listen to Derek Walcott – a dude who taught my wife in grad school and won the Nobel Prize for literature (in order of importance) – read a couple of poems for the New York Review of Books podcast. Seriously; whatever his failings, the guy has a crazy awesome cadence and accent.

*Talking: Read the transcript of Clay Shirky talking to Andrew Keen. If you know who either of those people are. (They are human beings, just like the rest of us. Neither of them has a compelling accent that I know of.)

*Fashion: These shoes are 100% moulded rubber. But they are NOT Crocs. But they EVOKE Crocs. In an anti-Croc way. Do you understand the complexities of cultural semiotics now? If so, please share.

*Design: You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus,” Salon. You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus.” [huh?]

*Gamey: Pulsate is this gamey kind of thing that has you click on things to “make” circles that then “make” music. Or something. It takes a while. But is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

*Athletics: Sporno exists at the unintentional intersection of sports and sex. [mktg]

*Music: On Lady Gaga, The Populist Narcissist – “It’s bizarre that Gaga is so invested in this laissez faire idea of personal freedom when, as alluded to above, she spends much of her time barking orders at the audience. We were told to sing. We were told to get up. We were told to get our hands up. We were told to get our paws up.”

*Quotes: “‘The cloud’ is a dirigible filled with hydrogen, with pictures of clouds painted on the side.” [A (legitimately scary) info-scare passed on by Fallows.]

*HIGH on my blog reading list right now, and I should note that I have been hating the internet lately: The History Chef, Pocket Monsterd, MKTG, Low Industrial. Obviously, Notcot, Coudal, C-monster and the Golden Fiddle that still exists in my mind. Also, Ken Nordine‘s YouTube channel and American Drink.

*Note: I need to buy a commuter bike and am taking any advice. Comment, email, DM or slap me in the hall.

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Video: John Mayer’s Lebron James impression

He’s no Angela Lansbury.

Video: Angela Lansbury Stroke Book

Umm. Huh. (The recommended videos add so much. Not necessarily in a good way.)

Well done, babygoldeen. Well done.

[mark leggett]

Video: Israeli soldiers dancing to Kei$ha

Links for 7.5.10: I had a large chocolate malt yesterday.

*Liberty: Forensics on the Declaration of Independence show that at one point, Thomas Jefferson crossed out the word “subjects” and replaced it with the word “citizens.” Good lord, to have your drafts tracked like that…

*Taxonomy: What, if anything, is Big Bird? A slideshow. But so much more. And better. [harper’s]

*Art: David Grann, in The New Yorker, writes about Martin Kemp, an art authenticator who must guard against his own signature being faked. If you’ve never seen me sign anything, you might want to see it some day. It’s like a window into my soul.

*Pictures: For the finest in authentic mustache imagery, check out Greg Reynolds’ “Jesus Days.” [c-monster]

*Shoes: Zappos, get on this – Asics that come with wine, a leather wine bladder and a matching handkerchief. [notcot]

*Beverage: Booktails – a look at famous cocktails from literature, including Gatsby’s mint julep and Raymond Chandler’s gin gimlet. Related: Hemingway branded barware. See what I did there? [mktg]

*Obits: Bob Probert from NHL ’93 died. There are real humans we now know primarily through playing as their videogame avatars? [pop loser]

*Writing: Here’s a piece about Nabokov. In Berlin. I wonder what he was drinking. And what videogames he was playing. “He always supervised his readers on how not to misread him.” Yet I have no idea how I am supposed to read him still.

*Local: There is a confused pit bull wandering the neighborhood for the second day in a row, but animal control has the day off. FYI.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

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Video: The National does a piano lesson with Qtv

Video: Vuvuzela concert

Video: Chatroulette Piano Improv #3 is here!

Now with Omegle? (The video has 302 views at this time. Just noting.)