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Month: August, 2010

Links for 8.29.10: Like a Phoenix, but colder of heart

*Note: I went way, way east on business for a couple weeks, but I’m back now. I cannot say anything remotely intelligent about India in this space at this time, so I’ll say this: the traffic is amazing. Amid crushing poverty, there’s an unquenchable aspiration of a growing middle class, with very little infrastructure to support it. Also, it was monsoon season. A recent article by Keith Gessen in the New Yorker chronicled Moscow’s ongoing traffic problems. And, of course, China’s ten-day traffic jam kicked around the news last week. Traffic needs talking about. This much, I know. On traffic.

*Words: There are all kinds of variously interpretable meanings buried in cultures’ respective vocabularies of insiders/outsiders. Here’s a list of terms for white people used by non-western cultures.

*Society: What currently practiced social customs are ridiculous? Readers of Daily Dish at The Atlantic respond with: saying “Bless you” after someone sneezes, monogamy and burial of the dead.

*Party tricks: Beer bottles for Tuned Pale Ale have musical notes along the label, showing what beer level corresponds to what musical note when the bottle is blown into. Nice! (It’s also like a concepty small-batchy sort of thing; not Budweiser. But still. Beer!) [not cot]

*Literary: This VQR stuff is pretty fucked up, isn’t it?

*Evocations: Li Wei makes art that you want to be. (I don’t know if that rhymes or not.) Smoke. Flying. Hope. Majesty. [c-monster]

*Collaboration: Pitchfork interviews Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon about his next Bon Iver album, as well as hooping with Kanye in Hawaii and his slow-jam GAYNGS work. My favorite quote: “I’m just a dude in a t-shirt who smells like shit.” Also, Kanye dropped Monster, part of the collaboration (which also includes Ross, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z) on his blog.

*Break: Yes, I am still going.

*Local: The Minnesota State Fair has begun. And Har Mar Superstar has attended, and has there viewed boars. [s4xton]

*Visuals: These music video posters are compelling, but I have noticed in my past several decades that music videos aren’t often promoted through posters. Small point, but I thought I should put it out there. [coudal]

*Food: Lasagne cupcakes barely look like cupcakes. But they have the word lasagne in them. So I will give them a pass. FOR NOW.

*Writing: George Plimpton interviewed [pdf] Ernest Hemingway for the Paris Review in 1958. “Wounds which do extensive bone and nerve damage are not good for writers, nor anybody else.” Also, there’s some chilling foreshadowing of Hemingway’s own suicide.

*Language: Unsuck It turns business jargon into words that still have meaning. “Action items,” for instance, become “goals.” And “bio breaks” become “breaks.” Courtesy of Mike_FTW.

*Beverage: Rob Walker writes about Insane Clown Posse’s love of Faygo in the New York Times. I like that Martin Bashir and Insane Clown Posse travel in the same circles. Also, ask me sometime about my unsolicited non-celebrity endorsement of generic lasagne. (I will answer with a vague claim to love any lasagne you put in front of me.)

*Beer: Serious Eats sits down for a pint with Surly Brewing’s Todd Haug. (Please note: I love Surly.) “I became interested in local/fresh beer when I was touring the US in the metal band Powermad at the age of 19.”

*Twitter: Here are like a dozen tweets to read, if you have time.

*Automotive: Carlashes – the perfect complement to Truck Nutz?

*E-reading: I spent a couple week with an iPad and that experience, along with this article by David Pogue, have me thinking maybe a Kindle isn’t the worst option right now? What I’d really like is to test more social options – like Copia claims to be – though who knows how long it will be before I can do that?

*Plea: If anyone knows what the best use of some (Bokma) Holland Gin is, I would appreciate some hints.

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Links for 8.10.10: More links for your abdominals

*Music: The Ballad of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who spectacularly and inspirationally quit his job this week, is well worth the listen. In fact, it brought a tear to my eye. Also, here’s the Taiwanese CGI recreation of Slater’s exit. This is a big day for Generation X, people. A big day. Also, anyone who didn’t immediately smell “fake” while watching the famous “HPOA” whiteboard exit, SHAME. SHAME! Return to Internet 100-level. Goodbye. [daringfireball]

*Words: Against the “state of the art.” Personally, I despise art. But you know this by now. The Smart Set quotes “Note how Suplee uses the phrase. It reads almost apologetically — Suplee is referring not the latest possibilities (“state”) of gas turbine engineering (“art”), but instead to the field’s limitations. This phrase here is a lament.”

*Public relations: Will Sub Pop give music away to sell merchandise? Giving things away is the final refuge of the creatively infirm. Feel free to use that. (I just made it up and it’s worthless.) [mktg]

*Food: PopTarts World is a story that actually exists, selling Pop-Tart flavored lip balm and Pop-Tart containers (to hold Pop-Tarts). This is what your life has become.

*Cinema: Blackstar Warrior? It’s Star Wars meets blaxploitation. [the waxiest]

*The country: Do you want to KNOW America? Truly know it? Then go to a photo exhibit (American Documents) in Antwerp. Or go to the Pop-Tart store. Or read Pissed Consumer. Do you truly understand what this blog is about yet? Do you even care? [c-monster]

*Images: These empty opera houses are awe inspiring. And I’m not much in touch with my awe anymore. [pocketmonsterd]

*Complaint department: (Write legibly.) I hadn’t read these forums before, but I generally like a good, well-written rant. Not actually about efficacy, it seems sites like these are primarily about catharsis.

*Cycling: Pee-Wee Herman attends the Sturgis motorcycle rally. I rode my motorcycle through Sturgis once. Not during the rally, though. It was right before I laid it down on a dirt road outside of Deadwood. If you haven’t noted this yet, I am an idiot. [goldenfiddle]

*Literature: Just an FYI, but my favorite kids’ story right now is Arnold Lobel’s Tear-Water Tea, from “Owl at Home.”

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Video: Parry Gripp’s “Hero Rats”

Video: Shaquille O’Neal dancing with Justin Bieber

What I’d really like to see is Shaq do a wailing version of “Re: Stacks” with Bon Iver.

Links for 8.3.10: Sometimes you’re the abs, sometimes you’re the lasagne

*Animals: So apparently Lapham’s Quarterly has been killing it like Theodore Roosevelt lately. Check out the list of animals the president bagged. *the listenerd does not condone hunting, though he went duck hunting once at age 11. He was only allowed to shoot decoys at the time, a restriction that resulted in incredible boredom and an immediate rejection of the sport.

*Images: I wish this incredible photo exhibit by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes had a different title than Desert Indoors. I’m like that. Maybe it sounds better in Spanish. But still, beautiful photos. [notcot]

*Delicious: The Modern Toilet Restaurant serves food in small toilets. If I thought and thought for a million years straight, I would still not come up with an idea this good. [c-monster]

*America: Ginia Bellafante, who is a very good writer, looks at size and fashion in The Plus-Size Wars.

*Words: According to some, audio tracks can produce a REAL digital high. The practice is known as i-dosing. If it exists. Via Schott’s Vocab. You can also now find Mr. Schott on Twitter.

*Literature: For anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, Kanye West’s tweets set to New Yorker cartoons are excellent, in a quiet, end-of-the-world way. (Which I take great pleasure in.)

*Food: I can’t remember if I’ve already linked to edible crayons yet or not. If I have, I obviously did not do so with the force of mind necessary to lodge it in anyone’s brainpan. What I’m trying to say is this: I think it would be awesome if one of these tasted like sauerkraut.

*Politics: I guess Wyclef Jean really is going to run for president of Haiti?

*Local: Debuting at this year’s state fair – Corndog Pizza.

*Note: Sometimes I think I include too many links, diluting the power of any one of them and inhibiting readers from clicking. That is all.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: ANTS in my scanner

françois vautier put an ant colony in his scanner, then scanned it on a weekly basis for five years.

Video: Flylashes

Jessica Harrison makes fake eyelashes that look like dead flies’ legs.


Video: A phonograph spinning while a 1920s song about drug use plays

It’s been a while since I was this soothed. Apparently, the song, “Willie, The Chimney Sweeper” by Ernest Rogers is about the perils of drug use.

Links for 8.1.10: 999 Tips for Better Abs

*Hello: I spent the past week in our nation’s capital. That is all. Well. I’m also now strongly considering growing a Thomas Hardy mustache. Bear with me.

*Books: Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. “The Japanese have put the progression of the drinking life more succinctly than anyone: first the man takes the drink; then the drink takes the drink; then the drink takes the man.” [coudal]

*Records: We have wood, people. We have major wood. [presurfer]

*Work: 48% of people who want new jobs are motivated by a lack of trust in their employers.

*Home: You cannot buy the Comfy Cargo Chair by Stephan Schulz, but you can sit on top of a big pile of garbage in your backyard. [murketing]

*Food: Read about Sylvia Plath’s salad dressing and Andy Warhol’s tomato soup. If this were, like, Snarkmarket, I would be pretending to make a big deal about all this.

*Clothes: Loyal Loot Collective’s Monsier Dressup is the reason I am excited about a clothes hook/hanger for the first time in my life. [notcot]

*Annual: This Beatles-inspired “Yellow Submarine” birthday cake is like a stab in the eyeball with awesome. [neatorama]

*Television: I am a big fan of Mark Lisanti’s Mad Men power rankings. For this kind of writing. Huh?: “Now tell me I’m a shell of a man who lets his wife stay in his house way past the mutually agreed-upon vacating date.”

*Twitter: Read these four things.

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