Links for 8.10.10: More links for your abdominals

by Josh Kimball

*Music: The Ballad of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who spectacularly and inspirationally quit his job this week, is well worth the listen. In fact, it brought a tear to my eye. Also, here’s the Taiwanese CGI recreation of Slater’s exit. This is a big day for Generation X, people. A big day. Also, anyone who didn’t immediately smell “fake” while watching the famous “HPOA” whiteboard exit, SHAME. SHAME! Return to Internet 100-level. Goodbye. [daringfireball]

*Words: Against the “state of the art.” Personally, I despise art. But you know this by now. The Smart Set quotes “Note how Suplee uses the phrase. It reads almost apologetically — Suplee is referring not the latest possibilities (“state”) of gas turbine engineering (“art”), but instead to the field’s limitations. This phrase here is a lament.”

*Public relations: Will Sub Pop give music away to sell merchandise? Giving things away is the final refuge of the creatively infirm. Feel free to use that. (I just made it up and it’s worthless.) [mktg]

*Food: PopTarts World is a story that actually exists, selling Pop-Tart flavored lip balm and Pop-Tart containers (to hold Pop-Tarts). This is what your life has become.

*Cinema: Blackstar Warrior? It’s Star Wars meets blaxploitation. [the waxiest]

*The country: Do you want to KNOW America? Truly know it? Then go to a photo exhibit (American Documents) in Antwerp. Or go to the Pop-Tart store. Or read Pissed Consumer. Do you truly understand what this blog is about yet? Do you even care? [c-monster]

*Images: These empty opera houses are awe inspiring. And I’m not much in touch with my awe anymore. [pocketmonsterd]

*Complaint department: (Write legibly.) I hadn’t read these forums before, but I generally like a good, well-written rant. Not actually about efficacy, it seems sites like these are primarily about catharsis.

*Cycling: Pee-Wee Herman attends the Sturgis motorcycle rally. I rode my motorcycle through Sturgis once. Not during the rally, though. It was right before I laid it down on a dirt road outside of Deadwood. If you haven’t noted this yet, I am an idiot. [goldenfiddle]

*Literature: Just an FYI, but my favorite kids’ story right now is Arnold Lobel’s Tear-Water Tea, from “Owl at Home.”

*Today’s links: F.