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Month: September, 2010

Links for 9.30.10: Fat guy walking

*Pledge: I will never link to anything having to do with bacon, unless it is politically expedient and/or somehow otherwise necessary. I would like to urge others to take the no-bacon pledge with me.

*GENIUS: A doughnut that looks like a bagel is what I call an INSPIVATION, an INSPIRATIONAL INNOVATION. (I call it no such thing and, in fact, have disgusted myself by even suggesting that I do.)

*Tea: Check out these punk- and alt-inspired tea cups. (“Smells Like Tea Spirit” and “Sex, Mugs and Rock and Roll”). [c-monster]

*Writing: Great topic, better first sentence – “During his lifetime, Franz Kafka burned an estimated 90 percent of his work.” And if it’s not obvious, Kafka is a man after my own heart.

*Experiments: This communication prosthesis makes me nervous. VERY nervous. (Great pic.) [harper’s]

*Please note: Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable planet. How long until we bomb it?

*Collision: In this link, my love of Surly beer collides with my hatred of ever linking to

*Comics: Read this Q&A with Jim Davis, creator of Garfield. It’s a well-known fact that I have a long-standing love of lasagne (as does Mr. Davis, to his credit). Almost an obsession with it. To me, the best part, though, was this slightly insane question: “I’d like to ask about the “existential crisis” episodes from Oct 23-28, 1989. Where did the idea come from?”

*Blogs: Vulture interviews the actress who plays Sally Draper.

“Okay, so I guess I should ask you that question: Is he gorgeous?
[Answer] Is he gorgeous? [Laughs.] Well, I’m 10, so … I can’t really answer that question.”

*Singing: It appears that there are widespread Sound of Music Sing-Alongs happening on October 19 and October 26th. Fuck all of you.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: An iPad Street Musician



Video: Dot


Links for 9.26.10: I am now 100% immune to polio

*Fashion: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn says not to call them the Twinkies, yet I have this incredibly awesome t-shirt from Campfire.

*Art: Don’t call it the bird: A giant statue of a middle finger being given, by Maurizio Cattelan. [notcot]

*Movies: Read this page devoted to skeptics of The Force.
“Thus far, two Dark Jedi powers have come to light (so to speak) which merit attention:
-Telekinetic choking, and
-Purple lightning bolts that come from their fingertips.”
[too much nick]

*Booze: Charles Bukowski and Roger Ebert write about the Mickey Rourke movie “Barfly,” which – incidently – is the last movie I ever had on VHS. Also, I like to pronounce it Barf-ly.

*Food: Rob Walker writes about the junk-food branding of baby carrots. I’m an adult carrot guy. Always have been. (Don’t read anything weird into that. Well, nothing TOO weird.) Also, here’s a Rob Walker interview. He would like to have dinner with a nuclear bomb. FAIR ENOUGH.

*Arms: This is a World War I-era pistol bayonet. I link to it here because it terrifies me. On a somewhat related note, today (in GQ – don’t ask) – I learned of the existence of men’s garters that attach to the bottom of a shirt and the top of each sock. They are military in origin, and also terrifying.

*Please note: I have received a polio immunization and am not confident that I will not contract polio.

*Television: Apparently, Bob Dylan appeared on Pawn Stars.

*Today’s grade: F. (Note: I could not even bring myself to proof this post, having watched two episodes of Hoarders on Netflix tonight.)

Video: Mexico City

I may not have mentioned this previously, but I hablo no espanol.

Video: Christopher Walken recites Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

[heavy critters]

Video: Ukrainian light show

This Ukrainien light show makes Pink Floyd look like absolute bullshit.

Video: Leo Villareal and LED art


Video: A Bloc Party Take Away Show – “This Modern Love”

Video: Cameras mounted on the backs of hawks

What if a hawk and a 1945 airplane mated? And why do I keep thinking about hypothetical aviary mating combinations?

(The above is an experiment wherein the BBC mounted cameras to the backs of Gos hawks and Peregrine falcons.)

Video: “The Last Bomb”

Scarily soothing raw airplane footage from a 1945 propaganda film called “The Last Bomb.”

Please note

I’d like everyone to know that I just paid $12 to keep this blog running for another year. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Sometimes I wonder if I should have become a mommy blogger. Count the money piling up. Watch the product pouring in. Cover my entire body in diapers and Baby Bjorns, rub Jell-O pudding pops all over my face and sleep the sleep of the incorporated. Probably on a Select Comfort Sleep Number Mattress™. After drinking 7.5 mLs of dye-free infant Benadryl™.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to lose another 15 pounds. I wonder what things would be like if I hadn’t gone bald at an early age. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if an eagle and a komodo dragon mated. What would the world be like if the saying were actually “My komodo is open to you”? Probably pretty intense. That’s what the world would be like. Intense and weird. On a related note, I saw a guy reading “The Basics of Butchering Livestock and Game” today. Weird thing was, he was wearing overalls in a non-overalls part of town, and I swear to God I saw a saw hanging from his painter’s loop.

Anyway, 12 bucks. Goodbye forever.

Video: Ruby Isle covers Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”

I don’t know what this video means, nor if it is any good. However, I uncovered it while looking into Mark Mallman’s planned 72-hour concert.


Video: NMA World takes on the “Tea Party Express”

[the greatest conversation]