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Links for 9.10.10: It’s 9:10:10

*Local: I think I will be going to this Northern Grade Americana retail extravaganza in Northeast Minneapolis tomorrow. It’s hard to explain. If you are going, too, I will be the rugged, reticent, semi-Nordic-looking one, shopping for $300 beaverskin gloves.

*OH BOY: Carl Corey has done a photo essay of middle-Wisconsin bars and taverns. If you ever have a chance to, ask me about Whiskey Dicks (sic). (In my opinion, Rhinelander is over-represented.) [eyeteeth]

*Musicianship: Do you know what Axl Rose puts on his contract rider these days? Two bear-shaped tubes of honey. Soy sauce. If this is fake, it’s VERY well thought out. Also, I agree with him about bear-shaped honey being better.

*Fires: The Valor bag by CLEVERSCENE is made from a retired firefighter’s coat. That is some RUGGED-ass shit. [notcot]

*Cycling: I have heard that this Horsey bike (by Eungi Kim) should actually be a unicorn. I, however, believe that it should actually be an oversized goat.

Speaking of cycles, I would also like to call your attention to the under-seat bottle opener. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be able to take a sip without worrying that it would taste like a bicycle’s asshole.

*Literature: The New York Times weighs in on the ugly Virginia Quarterly Review situation.

*Money: Hypebot and Asymco say there’s about $1 BILLION a year in overhead wrapped up in running iTunes. Sounds like a lot of money.

*Money: The venture fund that Bono is a part of is “in deep, deep trouble.” That doesn’t make me happy. In fact, if I wasn’t wearing these sunglasses you’d see tears rolling down my face. (Again, not of joy.)

*Sports: The New York Times‘ “The Beauty of the Power of the Game” is a bunch of pictures, too. It’s female tennis players. And, like, dust and stuff.

*Dating: Everyone has passed these around, but if you haven’t seen them, here are OK Cupid’s analysis of the data from its dating site. So you know what white people really like? Tom Clancy. And Van Halen. (How are the Eagles not on here? Too young a crowd, I guess.)

*Today’s links: F. Weak effort. But I am getting back into shape here.

Video: Evan Roth’s Girl Talk video

It’s made out of animated GIFs. [pocketmonsterd and pocketdialed]