Links for 9.30.10: Fat guy walking

by Josh Kimball

*Pledge: I will never link to anything having to do with bacon, unless it is politically expedient and/or somehow otherwise necessary. I would like to urge others to take the no-bacon pledge with me.

*GENIUS: A doughnut that looks like a bagel is what I call an INSPIVATION, an INSPIRATIONAL INNOVATION. (I call it no such thing and, in fact, have disgusted myself by even suggesting that I do.)

*Tea: Check out these punk- and alt-inspired tea cups. (“Smells Like Tea Spirit” and “Sex, Mugs and Rock and Roll”). [c-monster]

*Writing: Great topic, better first sentence – “During his lifetime, Franz Kafka burned an estimated 90 percent of his work.” And if it’s not obvious, Kafka is a man after my own heart.

*Experiments: This communication prosthesis makes me nervous. VERY nervous. (Great pic.) [harper’s]

*Please note: Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable planet. How long until we bomb it?

*Collision: In this link, my love of Surly beer collides with my hatred of ever linking to

*Comics: Read this Q&A with Jim Davis, creator of Garfield. It’s a well-known fact that I have a long-standing love of lasagne (as does Mr. Davis, to his credit). Almost an obsession with it. To me, the best part, though, was this slightly insane question: “I’d like to ask about the “existential crisis” episodes from Oct 23-28, 1989. Where did the idea come from?”

*Blogs: Vulture interviews the actress who plays Sally Draper.

“Okay, so I guess I should ask you that question: Is he gorgeous?
[Answer] Is he gorgeous? [Laughs.] Well, I’m 10, so … I can’t really answer that question.”

*Singing: It appears that there are widespread Sound of Music Sing-Alongs happening on October 19 and October 26th. Fuck all of you.

*Today’s links: F.